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  1. better to execute! lol
  2. Invizzzible

    Who wants 4.0 and who wants 3.9 bback?

    "earlier it was better." it is necessary to improve what we have, and not to dream about the past. time never to return back. you can release a pirated copy with version 3.9, without updates, as an option) and I want the official game to move forward and improve according to its experience. for this we have everything
  3. Invizzzible

    Pro ticket

    When do you arrange transfer pro tickets? I and many in my legion can not share tickets with the team, which leads to a low level of proo-boost @Madlen thanks)
  4. Invizzzible

    Pro League changing spells bug!

    I do not have the right to monitor the progress of my alliance if I do not participate in the league? @Madlen
  5. @Madlen after the end of the fight, when you want to look at the statistics you are consistently thrown out of the game. (sorry that is off topic. I did not want to create a new topic)
  6. Invizzzible

    Nemesis pal, anyone tried it?

    I would buy. knowing the flare, tomorrow he can become an imba. Irmagrd can become a gentle animal, a panda can stop restoring health. if possible - take
  7. you have a bad team, if you update it after the update, according to the reactions and advice of the players I do not want to speak for everyone, but I do not think that people are playing, they want to be testers. then create for us a separate server for such tasks
  8. Invizzzible

    About the new manager!!

    I'm already skeptical about the new managers. all the fault of the previous) I hope you will be active not on the day of our acquaintance but also in the days that follow. Welcome! good work and communication with us))
  9. Invizzzible

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    I think this is an excuse to leave) shut the door!
  10. Invizzzible

    balance changes

  11. you asked for a very long time! eat)
  12. Invizzzible

    New war mechanism coming?

    we asked for more price war boost, and they just increased their cost...)))
  13. Invizzzible

    Full treasury

    alliance lvl 80?
  14. Invizzzible

    What's happening?

    when you attack, you will not find a beast! Is not this the main thing?