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  1. Invizzzible

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    I like the guards but I do not like that I can not move past my own and enemy troops! I just stand still and can't do anything
  2. about donations. I liked the idea that the rollback of the donation would be removed and brought to the day. I can collect daily chests during the day. Why not do the same with donations?
  3. I am waiting for an alliance event from autumn to increase it to the maximum. granny event it's not even funny already
  4. Invizzzible

    Back with some anti gargoyles combo

    very good. It works, but I need to get the hang of it. I do not have enough time
  5. Invizzzible

    YETI 30

    Hi guys! Its me. If you remember, we had a ninja event with a certain combo. I did not change it and the yeti event also went with him. It was not difficult. base design has changed. at the last level there are not even towers at the gates, which makes it much easier for us to pass and we can even pass it in our usual gear/combo/pal There are no annotations in the video. Only not the correct use of spells. the fact is that I have very fat fingers and sometimes I press the keys randomly. sorry for that Enjoy and see you soon
  6. Invizzzible

    Search by Medals & Deselect Beast

    Yes. I apologize for my carelessness )
  7. Invizzzible

    Search by Medals & Deselect Beast

    this is already implemented in the game
  8. Invizzzible

    Should gate towers be removed?

    prove it
  9. Invizzzible

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    I agree with Cromka. It is easy for new players now, when they get to 4500+ trophie and face normal bases, they will not be able to do anything, because they grew up in a sandbox. Now the bases are complex and interesting, the beasts pose no threat... not need a nerf
  10. then you will need to wear it, then take it off. this is not an easy solution
  11. Invizzzible

    Dungeon Shapeshifter hollow VI

    super! that's what i wanted to see! more options for our younger brothers and sisters! great example! thank
  12. Hi, guys! today i want to show you how to complete the last dungeon (free gems) My Setup: My Aska lvl8 show what setup you go through and how much time remains! enjoy
  13. Invizzzible

    Dungeon Crypt of the Living Dead V (Mummy V)

    Tomorrow I'll show you how to complete the last dungeon. He is the most difficult logically? without scrolls
  14. Invizzzible

    Dungeon Crypt of the Living Dead V (Mummy V)

    it would be more interesting to watch if you didn't use the scrolls @Serkan76