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  1. she is already worth her crystals. just uselessly spend 250k of food, for a rollback dragon that does nothing. I'm about it nemesis now best pal (my opinion) just not enough to finish it up to 100% in accordance with the idea and what we now have
  2. I can not answer the question, why should I spend 250k of food to reduce dragon reloading ?! The dragon needs a change in terms of damage, because for now it’s just a beautiful animation that doesn’t help the hero. I don't think you wanted this
  3. besides personal reward, there is still a problem it's very hard to get more than 1300 points. This means that at least 30 members of the alliance must play and achieve a high result in order to activate tainted love of level 4
  4. @ReaperEOD Try this combination in the war. It does not require special perks on things like your hammer. and warboosts are not durable. Learn to play with what you will have for a long time. and thanks for sharing
  5. strange, but thanks for the reply. then i join denа4. Heal ring or kickback aura best rings
  6. Why do you need Perk luck on it and be used as a main ring ? xD
  7. @Dena4 I thought he chooses a lucky raid ring (500 trophies)
  8. omega ring for me is better especially if you want to make raids for COF, this is your best bet I did not specifically compare them, but I enjoyed both and good impressions of omega ring remained
  9. @ARREBIMBA Maybe you thought that there is such a flag? but it means "remove the flag"
  10. the leader should have a "forbid / allow attack WT" button prohibition of attack prevents to fight spies and with this limitation, conquest becomes boring for many
  11. I think you do not understand who such a nemesis and what are its advantages
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