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  1. Invizzzible

    Royal Revolt 2 Spooky Halloween Event open now

    it turns out the ogre has brains! 😱 😱 😱 IGN: Invizzzible
  2. Invizzzible

    Pro Festival

    How much you play, you could get the maximum level for a long time! but it is better, of course, to understand that something is missing from you sorry for my English. I understand that it is not written correctly, but I do not understand how to fix it
  3. Invizzzible

    Pro Festival: Ranking the Items From Best to Worst

    I feel bad) it turns out all my videos that I shot on YouTube, could be paid)) I thought Flotha works on enthusiasm. God, how I was naive))) and wiki? he was paid too? Then why did he ask for help from the developers, and was not satisfied with their backup?
  4. Invizzzible

    Pro Festival: Ranking the Items From Best to Worst

    FG pays for video guides?
  5. Invizzzible

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    To play this game, in spite of all the failures, is in itself a biggest achievement. All small victories (completion of the quest, completion of the construction of the kingdom and all the spell and units in it, master new battle tactics, earn a new pro-pal) all this in aggregate is my biggest achievement.
  6. Invizzzible

    Trophy system complaint

    you are given time to destroy the gate, not all the towers
  7. Invizzzible

    what's better to buy??

    buy this button
  8. Invizzzible

    Heal spell

    it's obvious that this is healing for all time
  9. Invizzzible

    Ogres totally ignoring the towers in the corners.

    the doctor does not take offense at patients. originally the developer conceived them mentally retarded, so ....
  10. oh sorry sorry, I forgot about the war 🤣
  11. Eris copy troops? I bought it and found ghost troops
  12. you need to buff pal? let's change the color of his ability to a brighter?? done.
  13. Invizzzible

    Bomb kick aura

    there is no need. it works well from 3%+. I use it in war and in ordinary raids with wok heal aura for dragons
  14. Invizzzible

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    what do the exclamation marks mean?