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  1. Invizzzible

    display bug?

    thanks. its work now! I'm in the alliance! but this is not so important)
  2. Invizzzible

    display bug?

    I'm still not in the leaderboard @Архимед
  3. Invizzzible

    Chapter I - The Mysterious Mountain Path.....

    if you take it and continue to feed it then where is the logic? you like! so after each message u must says thank you ))
  4. Invizzzible

    display bug?

    my king does not appear in the leaderboard ign: Invizzzible @FTB @GalaMorgane
  5. like engagement ring with the names of the spouses? enter a wedding in the game? you are confusing to "destroy the towers" with MMORPG games)
  6. Invizzzible

    Cheater in pro ligue ...

    recently Gala said, one person, one device, one account. you come up with the rules as you want?
  7. Invizzzible

    Our top member got banned - how do we help him?

    Why try, if you know that this is punishable? he got what he deserved.
  8. Invizzzible

    Insta-troop button spawn bug

    Posted April 26 problem Posted 1 hour ago (May 11) response to a problem Fast answer now see how long it will take to solve the problem
  9. Invizzzible

    Bug in Survival Cup?

    Try once more. do not give up
  10. Invizzzible

    Turtles in Island's Sea

    it seems like losing the connection gives you the opportunity to learn the information that is hidden for viewing)
  11. Invizzzible

    I'm not in the Pro-League ranking!Bug!

    How can this be? I participate in every league and I score 1500+ point but last PL not included in the monthly table
  12. Invizzzible

    Only one question...

    results of the PL has long been a joke)
  13. Invizzzible

    Gold Issue Fix

    sad that you are facing this problem. but even more sadly, there is no official response to this problem. will suit even "we know, leave me alone"
  14. @RevenanT Confirm your leave! your chantage did not turn out, as far as we can see..
  15. Invizzzible

    Compensation event and/or reimbursement

    it would be great if the 4.0 update was named "DISCONECTION Apocalypse"