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  1. Community Week 😍

    an event that does not have an end date gives hope
  2. Birthday chest

    I think he will not replace your chest, but pushes away as in the case of the Christmas month. we have not lost a single chest. Wait. will be all right after receiving it the next day. you start beating an alarm early.
  3. Dragon animation of dracomancer takes too long time

    I think here we will not be heard until we get away from the topic! Our sweet @GalaMorgane will come right away and close the topic. I wrote in the support on this, because it's really unbearable to play my favorite combo. (with pyro)
  4. Offensive Chokepoints

    I call instant cannon 2 times and this is enough for any animals and spikes across the road pyro monk wolf blizzard shield bladestorm ceres pal
  5. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    @Dena4 yes) because even if you collect all the chests then the reward is very low.
  6. The King's Face needs works!

    it's outrageous!!!! I refuse to play for the queen who has a little foundation on shis face and not long eyelashes !!!
  7. Ninja Tiers

    then you will cry, which is too hard. leave as is. the game is so broken. better focus on correcting mistakes and not that you are cool kings and everything is easy for you in the event. an event for bringing pleasure. if you want to suffer go to the best players, it's definitely hard there.
  8. Why not phoebe in shop?

    phoebe now kills in 2 seconds. it seems to me so it should not be... members of the alliance worked so hard and spent so much to unblock it and what? phoebe closed and closed! he is still useless now, like all other beasts.
  9. Game hanged with Janus pal

    it is called Royal Revolt 2... not Janus
  10. By the way, I bought a new ring. What do you think perk got?
  11. except that the insta cannon
  12. @GalaMorgane I began to shoot videos of my attempts with +12. +12 Damage Bonus Mummy +13 Life Drain +14 Damage Bonus Cannon +15 Life Drain +16 Damage Bonus Pyro +17 Life Drain +18 XP Boost +19 Life Drain i have a proof! it should only be collected in a heap of small pieces
  13. Janus

    I think how the pro-league will start, FTB will immediately release a video with him.
  14. I lost! the inventory was packed. Then I deleted 1 item, restarted and wings were in inventory. slots did not increase. I confirm