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  1. I was hoping that with this version there will be a fix for nemesis
  2. @Madlen I think the timer to the beginning of the portal for 6-7 seconds and the timer to END the portal for 6-7 seconds would solve the problem. because we only do what we follow the scale of ability, to GUESS when we stop calling the troops and when we START them to call and the troops from the portal should have immunity to damage for 1-2 seconds
  3. Invizzzible

    Live Server Update - 02.06.19

    ur silo is fool
  4. most likely, we are talking about vein of gold (XXVIII)
  5. Do dragons attack traps? it seems at the first levels they attacked, and when traps boosted, there is no
  6. Invizzzible

    Hero Scream Unit Speed

    Yes, I collected things in a blizzard, there was only a belt. About the combo, thanks, I'll try to make it interesting. not always ideas work as they think) about the aura, no. i use apollon ring
  7. I finally collected the crystals for nemesis. you can buff him
  8. Invizzzible

    Hero Scream Unit Speed

    Thanks ARREBIMBA I have long wanted to get it. + The fact that the troops very quickly approach the king. someone said that paladins are very slow. here is the decision I still run in these geer left to get a belt on double blizzard and I will make a video about a super blizzard
  9. Invizzzible

    Hero Scream Unit Speed

    Hello! It's me. Today I will try to beat the top 10 player with a double perk HSUS. Enjoy
  10. Invizzzible

    Please post your January questions here.

    @Madlen do not be offended, I will ask in February too 😃
  11. Invizzzible

    Please post your January questions here.

    I will repeat it again and again, month after month. Remove the cool down donation time and make it daily from 00:00 to 23:59 during the day, like daily chests.
  12. need proof. my donkey also does not restore the health of the king
  13. Invizzzible

    War chests

    Hello! It's me. After my first video where I opened the chests for the war a lot of time passed and ... nothing has changed. I would like to have more motivation to spend my time fighting in the war, and you? Sorry for the quality. The settings in the bandiсam are reset again.
  14. Invizzzible

    community manager answered Pro league too hard

    I reached 11 challenges, but there is no time on 12 O_o