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  1. How about letting us do the dungeons we want, but let us gain nothing from it? It would be as if we were testing our own base. I like to do them just to test my abilities, so you forbidding us to do the dungeons is a bad decision.
  2. Are these changes in the pro league permanent or are they just discounts for Christmas/New Year?
  3. Barkpl

    Bela Pal & Offense Beast buff

    I liked that, thank you. I love this pal.
  4. Barkpl

    Royal office decoration

    We do not have plants here now, but we used to have a vegetable garden in our backyard that I liked a lot. Surely, I would love that.
  5. Barkpl

    Alliance Gold Rewards: The Big Joke

    I was already waiting for just those 40kk since they only give us alms in this Conquest. We will never receive good rewards on that thing.
  6. Barkpl

    [update - solved]Missing conquest rewards

    Okay, this is officially for me the worst event of this game. I gave you a second chance, but you just can't make it work. (You could, but you don't want to, right?) If you really want to force that thing on us, at least decrease the time for that thing. 3~4 days playing that thing is already more than enough for that reward you give us (again).
  7. Is it worth to forge more than 7 seconds of the Transform Duration on Pal Flute? The forge of that spell is very expensive, so I want to know in advance if my pal can drop 2 specials if I forge it more.
  8. PC - Windows Version Is it possible for you developers to add the king's move option with the keyboard on Windows version? Since we can not enjoy various things present in the android and iOS versions, I wish I could use all the strength of my keyboard. After all, this is a computer version, and messing around with that mouse that "disappears" from the screen is very complicated. I'm talking about the movement with the keys in the following image:
  9. Is the new wait time for the Ninja Event permanent? Will we have to wait a month and a half for every Ninja Event? Please give details and tell if there will be any modifications to the Ninja Event structure from now on.
  10. Yeah, the chat needs notifications. And I'd like that to stay on the side of the bar at the beginning of the game. Like this:
  11. -You managed to make the chat better. That's what I really wanted, a place for announcements. -The Defense Beast implement is the be(a)st kill me. -The new Pro-Shop seems to be great too. Thank you, folks. Really. Conquest: Well, I just want the chest, so I will see if that really improved after the Conquest. I'm excited, please don't make me earn 2 rewards in a uber chest gold again...
  12. Barkpl

    Aska Summoning

    No. Aska summon units with 16 morale from left to right, just it. I just checked it again just to confirm. I checked with wolf too, she just summon him if I put him on first spot. What may be happening is that you are varying troops and putting Monk in the wrong spot. I recommend you to watch videos on youtube to use Aska in a better way. (Or if you're doing it right, maybe it's a bug in your game.)
  13. Barkpl


    Pal. Pal. Pal. Aska and Nidhogg for me, and if there's still balls, I'll buy a Fritz for the alliance. The ring was never an option for me, heh.
  14. Barkpl

    Can we get any communication on Suggestions?

    Yeah, they could at least say if our suggestions are possible or not to be developed in the format of the game, so if it were not possible, we would stop always hitting the same button reinforcing a request. It does not even have to be immediate, no one here expects this, but it has suggestions of years without answers here, that is boring and discouraging.
  15. Customization of the Kingdom - More convenience for the player Add slots A B C D in defense change