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  1. Rina

    Heal Aura Ring

    Earlier today I double-checked the heal aura issue with the old and the new version and it has been like that with the old version as well.
  2. Rina

    Sonic Blast Aura Ring

    Hey everyone, I can assure you we did not just put in random numbers, something must have broken the formula @____@ We are going to retest all the auras as soon as possible and try fixing the issue.
  3. Rina

    Cant see granny beast

    Hey, the missing beast is not a bug, it is a change we had to implement to continue supporting low-memory devices. I just double-checked with our database and both the Lumia 830 and the 640 are considered low-memory since Windows 10 requires more RAM than 8.1.
  4. Rina

    Heal Aura Ring

    Thanks for the info and the video. We are currently looking into what causes the problem.
  5. Rina

    solved Game crashes

    The crash has been added to our database, thanks for reporting it.
  6. Rina

    Defence Path

    Hey Tjgarland, from what I see you swipe to the second tile to connect your path with the rest. The first two tiles indeed are always a straight line. If you want to complete your defense path, it is enough to connect it to the third tile. If I missed something, just tell me.
  7. Rina

    Member bug

    Hey Darkkaos, we just tried to solve your problem, the user should now be displayed in only one Alliance. If there is still a problem feel free to tell us.
  8. Hey Odkim. Do you happen to have any screenshots of the map? We are currently trying to reproduce this bug. Was it just a single person that invaded your territory or did he build a tower near your border? Was the War on a regular tile or one that produces resources?
  9. You're right, it is indeed inconsistent. We are currently discussing how/if the line should be displayed at all, since it sometimes also crosses impassable terrain.
  10. Sorry Xalell, but currently there is no feature to remove troops that have already been assigned to somebody. The minus only serves to adjusting the exact amount of troops you want to assign. (E.g. You hold down the plus button to give a player a huge amount of troops. Then you notice, the number is too high. You can use the minus button to make the number smaller again. But as soon as you have tapped the "assign" button, you cannot remove the troops anymore.)
  11. Rina

    Conquest bug

    The higher the Alliance HQ level, the higher the amount of troops everyone can have. So no bug this time. ?
  12. Rina

    see who in your map

    We noticed that as well and already fixed it for the next update. Should not happen again in the next Conquest.
  13. If anyone has issued an order on any tile, you see that flag icon after tapping the tile to check what orders are active for it. The 5 most important orders are highlighted with an exclamation mark. For telling players without active order where to go, you have to tap the player's tile first, then the player info button on the bottom and then the flag icon next to the player. I hope that answers your question. If not, feel free to explain it further.
  14. Rina

    Info not shown for any field in conquest

    No problem. If you're used to the old system, it might be confusing at first, but I think the new one makes accessing the list much more easier, since you don't have to tap the small info button in the tile info anymore. It was really difficult on small devices (;
  15. Rina

    Info not shown for any field in conquest

    Do you mean the button on the bottom of the screen? That is the player info button that displays every player located on the selected tile. If you tap the button on an empty tile, the screen is empty due to no players being on that tile. The tile information is now accessible by tapping the tile banner on top of the screen (eg. forest). That is a small change we made for 4.1.