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  1. I use high spec gaming PC (desk top type) which bought in this summer. Its system information and graphic board is following that.
  2. Oh My God! Even after update 4.4.2, I have crashed in first battle like before same crash!!! 4.4.2 update is meaningless.
  3. Now crash continue,,,again again. I lost many trophies... It was very regrettable that Flare Games upgraded without basically bug test. I am using Trusty not Donkey.
  4. Hi Sasch Yes I played windows 10 and this crash happen in busy battles everytime. I am not sure that the crash happen when using Guardians or not. Maybe I guess using Guardians. Kind regards Zero Riemann
  5. Crash occur in busy battle. but I am using most new high spec gaming PC, so not cause of PC. This crash have occurred from 4.4 update to 4.4.1 and have continued till now. I can't play RR2 anymore if Flare games repair this.
  6. Crash have continued even update 4.4.1 (Win-PC). I have 10 times over crash. Pls repair soon. Flare Games.
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