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  1. KrugrexKudgel

    Should Nemesis's price be reduced?

    It will be nice to see nemesis price getting reduced. It's an unaffordable overrated pal.
  2. KrugrexKudgel

    New perks on Horkos Gloves and Aion Weapons

    Does intimidate effect of horkos glove affects towers too?
  3. KrugrexKudgel

    I thought this was a festival

    Come on guys, I got 21,000 gold in a festival base today! ?
  4. KrugrexKudgel

    Bela the Useless

    Nice video @Invizzzible I used to play only with heal aura. Now I understand the working of bomb kick aura which is very useful! I'll get one, once I have enough crystals. Thanks for the videos! It really helped a lot.
  5. KrugrexKudgel

    community manager answered Tiers need adjusting

    Hope they will fix it before the current pro league getting finished.
  6. True words.. Extending beasts transformation time significantly decreases pals recharge bar.. in which, one should really consider about!
  7. If you use Ceres, forging pal flute to 6.9s is enough for him to cast 2 of it's special moves! For Aska, Phoebe and other pals, you definitely need blood pumps to cast special moves twice!?
  8. KrugrexKudgel

    Please Buff the Rewards for Quests

    Totally agreed!?
  9. Wow, the life drain over the path helps in diciest situations and heals considerable amount when mixed with heal aura ring! And the infection is good too.Pls raise the frequency of infection as per each level of Bela! And you know what, I 99.9999% use Ceres as my companion before, now I have another one. (Here comes the term variance, flare stated above) if pals have much equal level of abilities, people automatically start switching pals as per their matchmaking! Haha, now I'm in great confusion which one to use.. and using Bela in first preference.... take a nap, Ceres! I'll relieve you! This is the statement I'll like to give you flare, for Bela buff! Pls consider other pals abilities to reach the level of Ceres and Bela!(so that people will have tough choices and scratch their heads on thinking about which pal should I use right now?) Conclusion: Bela is now way too Savage! Try it guys! You won't mostly lose tough matches!?
  10. KrugrexKudgel

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My greatest achievement is, I defeated a player having 4800+ trophies whereas I'm a 3200+ trophy king! =D That's a real kind of pleasure!
  11. KrugrexKudgel

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards?

    Abacus... Seriously????
  12. KrugrexKudgel

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards?

    And... Another server update!!! But but.. where is my rewards??
  13. KrugrexKudgel

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards?

    Hoo man, now only I saw this btw thanks for letting us know this!
  14. KrugrexKudgel

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards?

    Logged in for 6th time.. still no rewards! Madlen told recently that rewards will arrive within 5-10 minutes after the computing calculation has done! But it's already half an hour went but no rewards