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  1. KrugrexKudgel

    Free Gem Hut Removed?

    It's completely fine for me too. I'm using Android. No bugs in it.
  2. Hi madlen, As far as concerned, Archimedes is a pal but Eris is a pro pal! It costs 15k crystals to buy rather than getting Archimedes 100 times in a pal chest. So, ability of Eris (atleast at par) with Archimedes stun ability. It will be more better to use, when the abilities cooldown got much better! Well, it will be good to add the ability to attack units across the lane and attacking buildings make the pal, worth to use! Unless, we need to use the same old pals (no variance) P.s: try to add Growl in your buff list. Its sitting in a corner, looking my face sad!
  3. KrugrexKudgel

    Bela the Useless

    Felt same here, orko. I get him in a pal chest few days ago and tried it in offense. The both pal and offense beast version seems useless in offense as they did not make big changes in gameplay. Conclusion: Bela = Showcase pal (hope they will buff these pals in future= Growl, Howl, Janus too)
  4. KrugrexKudgel

    Pal Flute - Transform Duration

    I forged my flute upto 7.5s and it is enough for aska to cast 2 spells in single flute usage! And as you said, it feels like(no attack = no heal, no troops) is a kind of flaw in offense
  5. KrugrexKudgel

    Pal Flute - Transform Duration

    Currently I have 7.5s transform duration (including blood pumps). And yes, it's worth to forge upto 7.5s, to cast 2 special moves of pal by using flute spell once! Btw I too would like to know is there any chances for casting 3 special moves @single flute usage?
  6. KrugrexKudgel

    Wrong tier rewards!

    The problem not get resolved yet. Even after raising ticket in support, they simply replied by saying that, a live server update has been done and missing rewards will be paid out. But they didn't mention the wrong tier rewards given to the players. don't know when this issue will get solved? Help me out madlen
  7. KrugrexKudgel

    Game has lags atm

    I too felt the same for past two days, I saw game freezes for a couple of seconds in a interval of 7-10 seconds again and again(only on raiding). Initially I thought it's my ram problem (4gb though) but after that, I realized that it's a bug. And while doing conquest, the game quits automatically too. My device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Android version: Nougat 7.1
  8. KrugrexKudgel

    Is Janus any good?

    For me, Janus is just an ok pet. You need your own moral points to spawn units when Janus open it's portal. So, it's all depends on your leadership. If you have aska and Ceres, and don't know what to do with your EXTRA UNUSED CRYSTALS, then go for it. Else, use your crystals for something else. Have a good day!
  9. KrugrexKudgel

    Wrong tier rewards!

    I know there are more threads are there about not getting conquest rewards and about poor rewards. But my problem is, I received wrong tier rewards! Our alliance fighted at seasoned explorers tier (for that, each player should receive 2 pro, 2 pal, 2 pearl, 2 gem chests and level 3 boosts! But I received 1 pro, 1 pal, 1 pearl and 1 gem chests and level 2 boosts! How fair it is?? I really need answer from Flare.
  10. KrugrexKudgel

    [closed] RR2 forum event //Prize 1000 gems

    I remember back my old memories of my college, 2 years before exactly, where my roommate started playing rr2 in his PC. I used to watch his gameplay sitting beside him. I really got attracted by the live gameplay(especially the scream of knights emerging from tent = heaven) and from that, I created my own account and started playing. Due to his higher studies he left the game. But, I playing(#enjoying) the game, still deeply!!!!!!!! 😜😛 Lots of love to RR2!!!
  11. KrugrexKudgel

    What What What? How to get aska in the festival?

    Seriously speaking, I got aska in a daily pal chest(2 months ago)! I was like.. what the hell!?! I'm too that 0.000000003%😂 and I got fritz in pal collector event. So, I ended up with irmgard in this festival
  12. KrugrexKudgel


    While reading the forum, someone stated 125+ is only high level players! I thought it like trolling and I used the same.I referred that statement for pinpointing flare's (worst) understanding on players. I don't know how you understood that, but myself, I'm clear that I'm not the guy you referred to, and myself I'm enjoying the game(that most of us do). I'm now 101 lvl @3500 trophy range!(it's good lvl for me right now) don't misunderstand me, my friend!
  13. KrugrexKudgel


    According to some, even 120 is low level and 121-129 is mid lvl and 130 is high level players! 😂😂😂(btw I laughed hard for some time) haha
  14. KrugrexKudgel

    Tiny amount of beach balls in summer festivals

    Seriously, do your friends got nidhogg in festival chest?😱
  15. KrugrexKudgel


    Don't go with diamond ring. It's heal is way lower than chloris ring(heal). Try to get heal ring in pro chests and you can get diamond ring in Uber chests(if luck favours you). My personal opinion is go for pals. Especially irmgard. It's firepower and healing will give you tough offense even in hard situations. (P.s: if you want more troops, go for Ceres and not aska. Ceres will do the job) I'm a lvl 100(low level hero)😂. In this festival, I bought irmgard and I'm really satisfied. While using IRMGARD, try Knight, ogre, wolf with toxic, shield, black magic. You will win 99.99% raids with ease! now I'm using ceres with chloris ring(1.5K heal), and Knight,ogre/cannon, wolf, with shield, toxic/black magic, pal flute with BLOOD PUMPS. It's fun to raid.