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  1. I think you didn't understand how things works in between a two powerful alliance. My and my enemy alliance both are top 100 in leaderboard with equal strength. Even though we made treaties(what I heard though), when we about to reach abondoned mine, treaties doesn't work. A huge war broke out between us and such war happened twice.. Literally 35 people joined each side. It was such a thrilling experience to keep us in the path of victory but the enemies surprised us by a sudden attack and we lose that fight. (our tier is top 2) I know how things works in inactive alliances(fewer participation guys), but once you face opponents active as heck as yours, things will get spiced upπŸ”₯. Conquest = fk yeah.. πŸ’ͺ
  2. Friend, I can understand your situation. The thing which makes you feel worst about conquest is, lack of participation from teammates in an alliance. People not joining in wars makes the gameplay worse. Upgrade your king, your offensive setup and ally tower. Search an active alliance and fight with them.. Then tell us your new experience in your conquest πŸ˜‰. Have a good day.
  3. Tower madness cup, something missing in it and needs to be fixed.. (either introducing third spell or nerf certain levels) That's what I could say about it.
  4. The thing which makes the game a par above than the other online combat games, is the graphics RR2 been having. Happy birthday Royal Revolt 2. One of the best games in the market. πŸŽ‚β€οΈ
  5. Updated the game. Opened the new Rr2 version chest. And got this. 😍❀️😊😜 G-5000. Thank you flare.
  6. Just now got Gaspar in gaurdian chest. It's truely a beast killer. Thanks flare❀️.
  7. It will be nice to see nemesis price getting reduced. It's an unaffordable overrated pal.
  8. Does intimidate effect of horkos glove affects towers too?
  9. Come on guys, I got 21,000 gold in a festival base today! ?
  10. Nice video @Invizzzible I used to play only with heal aura. Now I understand the working of bomb kick aura which is very useful! I'll get one, once I have enough crystals. Thanks for the videos! It really helped a lot.
  11. Hope they will fix it before the current pro league getting finished.
  12. True words.. Extending beasts transformation time significantly decreases pals recharge bar.. in which, one should really consider about!
  13. If you use Ceres, forging pal flute to 6.9s is enough for him to cast 2 of it's special moves! For Aska, Phoebe and other pals, you definitely need blood pumps to cast special moves twice!?
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