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  1. It is the small and medium alliances that are the future of this game and you should try to emphasise with their problems and issues. The complaints are because they are not happy and very frustrated. This post was HEAVILY edited by the moderator. It is not as originally written!
  2. So it is OK to defeat three teams in the amateur league and then be promoted straight up into Division 1 of the pro league for the next season. I am sure if that happened in your football association there would be some comments!
  3. A very common feeling amongst a lot of us here I am afraid to say. This community seems to have far more empathy, for the frustrations voiced, than Flare seem to display unfortunately. They are more interested in policing the code of conduct, for this forum, than for fixing the issues raised.
  4. but don't forget Madlen's words "the implementation worked correctly" so you MUST be wrong as Flare have never made mistakes before! We share your experiences, frustrations and your viewpoint. Despite what Flare believe, there is no doubt that the Conquest report card is stamped "epic fail" at this point of time.
  5. Good to know that you felt the most important point, in your response, was to point out the code of conduct. Everyone would agree that this is the serious issue facing RR2 at the moment. There is something seriously wrong with the formula used when the weighting, for trophies, allows a team with 221k trophies to face a team with only 38k. One result has dominated the calculations and trophies have had little weight in deciding the match ups. That is a size differential of over 580% based on trophies alone. Your further explanation still lacks any real detail of our how it based. The mistake with matchups cannot be defended and it is time for someone at Flare to own responsibility for the morass of stuff ups that we have seen recently.
  6. It is now official. The point of view, of the Developers, is far removed from the real world. No person could ever claim that matchmaking, in the second Conquest event, is working correctly. You do not need a Phd in Pure Maths to realise that it is impossible to determine an useful average based on a sample field of only one result. 9 days of watching the giant teams, of this game, go to war whilst we cower in the corner and plead for mercy. A very satisfying outcome I am sure no one would agree (except of course the developers who are happy with their work)! It is obvious that more tiers need to be introduced so that a small team, who played well one week, does not have to face a big team who did not. More filters needed to be included in the match up process than simply the outcome of one event. Explain how a level 70 alliance ranked inside the top 100 could be placed in a low tier regardless of their previous score. These teams are the elite of RR2 players and we are only a lowly level 22 who are trying to nurture and develop the future players of this game. That is a team with a total of 220k trophies and 63 big players versus a team with under 40k trophies and 27 players (most who are just babies and only part time). Most of our guys won't even leave the stronghold faced with instant annihilation. I refuse to kick any players just because they won't participate but something must change to give them some encouragement and to be fair to the players who have a go.
  7. We went up one tier from the last conquest. This time around we cannot afford to research anything and are struggling to get stone to build towers. The cost of everything has risen significantly and I don't know if that is due to a rise in tier or Flare fiddling again.
  8. I think there is a bad echo in this forum. I keep hearing ( ok should be technically reading) the same thing over and over and over again. Everyone knows it is a failure (unless you are one of the big teams beating up us babies) except those who need to hear. There is a saying that if you repeat something three times .... Flare, Flare, Flare You never know, they might hear the crowd booing this time
  9. Duh! Of course I was joking but unfortunately I am not laughing. Our team is in exactly the same position. Matched up with three very large teams who we have no hope of competing against. We are lucky that the biggest team has taken pity on us and is wiping out the other two. This really is not a strategic contest for us. We just sit in the corner like naughty schoolboys. This really could never be call fun and Flare need to listen, for once, before there are only a few left interested enough to hear them
  10. Seems like a fair contest! What is your complaint? I am sure that Madlen will explain it to you. Be assured we are in the same gross mismatch and there are many other examples on this forum. Just as well they fixed the mismatch problem before conquest started. You could have faced Vanguard instead. PS: deutsche gilde1 are now ranked 35.
  11. Yeah i know. Your tier level is based on the average of the last 3 conquests. Difficult to calculate, with any precision, when there has only been one.
  12. Sentiments shared by many in the community. You cannot expect your entire team to commit, the necessary effort for success, in this event. It is not what most players want from a game like this. Not many people have the time, to log on and participate, that is required for Conquest. They want a game that you can drop into when you have free time to spare. Yes I know we don't have to participate but the event, including the lay days before and after, takes two weeks to complete before we can play a war season or ninjas.
  13. It was an interesting concept let down by very poor implementation.
  14. Radical idea! Have the guys (and girls) who develop the game actually play what they develop and not just play with their code. Then they could share the frustration of the rest of the community and they might do something about all the issues.
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