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  1. I hate drawing contests....sigh...i am so not in to art and craft😕
  2. Oke....i will gladly read this long explanation because i think its not fair Thank you...thats an answer😊....but still makes it unfair that the high level players ar able to win the divisons way more easy...what is the point of changing the rules on the dungeon if the majority of players ar being left struggeling for medals?
  3. I think the same because with this scenario it gets even harder to win the platinum or diamond now we cant farm anymore
  4. Oké....i feel totally lost now in the whole dungeon and medals story.....why are the leagues not reset like the silver league...and how do you boost your medals income? I understand that the higher you ar the more medals but I am a level 103 player...how can i boost my medals? Feel like a complete nitwit😕
  5. Care to explain? And it still doesnt explain hey the leagues hasn't been reset
  6. How is it possible that players in the golden, platinum and diamant league still can get a lot of medals in the dungeons? And also...the record on those league have not been reset after the forced update. I am watching a player in the diamond league getting 1400 medals after every fight he does...asking around among my team members made clear that all who play in diamond, platinum en gold seeing the same thing happen. The silver legaue is resetted and you can not farm the dungeon ....bronse league i dont know. Madlen...can you explain this?
  7. Still getting kicked out of the game and having problems with video rewards. Please fix it😕
  8. I think i found the solution to my connection problem....i adjusted the time on my tablet because im in a different country now...thats when the trouble started...i changed the time back and i can connected normal again😊 If its starts again i will let you know..but fore now its working good again😊👍
  9. I am having more and more problems with connecting to the game...this is a big problem during conquest. I set my alarm clock for towers and techtree but cant connect...first it took me 5 minutes but it takes op to an hour now to connect??? My internet is fine...everything else works oke online...this is costing me a lot of time that we need in the conquest...are there more people facing the same problem??
  10. Playing on ios and android with monkey (only one 1 have still didnt got anything else from free chests😡) but no crashes..not with using donkey and not against ninja's. But i am having trouble to connect to the game and its getting wurse by the hour!!!... setting my alarmclock and already trying for an hour to connect! Keeps saying...not able to reach the server. I edited at 03.00 in the morning. This is ruining the conquest for us😡
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