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  1. FunnyValentine

    Alliance Gold Rewards: The Big Joke

    I didn't keep track of how much we spent in conquest, but it was more than 40kk (towers, research, boosts) I think it was the same for most alliances who won conquest so, the alliance gold reward need to be better than this
  2. FunnyValentine

    Is Janus any good?

    Thanks @Eyja, I definitely won't get Janus in the near future now I wanted a substitute for Ceres besides Aska, but that won't be possible for now
  3. FunnyValentine

    Is Janus any good?

    Thanks, I think I'll just save a little more crystals to buy gear and Phoebe then Aska is doing his job just fine for me right now
  4. FunnyValentine

    Is Janus any good?

    I have sufficient pro-crystals to buy one, but I don't know if I buy one or buy Phoebe to donate to my alliance
  5. FunnyValentine

    Next conquest in 20 days?

    That's real business strategy right there buddy, ignore 90% of your customers, wow, you just blew my mind with that This poll you mentioned was probably before Conquest, now that it's here, everyone hate's it. Why? Because it's absolute trash
  6. FunnyValentine

    Where are the rewards??

    110 gems 1900 pearls 5 pals 3k pro-crystals Thanks, Flare, I'm really happy about these rewards, they're so good and are so much worth the 8-day insanity, thaaank you
  7. FunnyValentine

    Negativity around Conquest

    Agreed. But the problem is, how many players will have left by the time flare manages to fix this? Don't want this game to die in the near future Also, I'm not a creative person, so you guys would've to give the suggestions. ?
  8. FunnyValentine

    Next conquest in 20 days?

    "free players don't matter" just because we don't pay money directly to flare, it doesn't mean they gain nothing from us they get plenty of money via ad revenue and it's probably one of their main sources of profit what you think would happen if free players left? flare will have nothing but dust on their hands of course, it's hard to picture that right now because people still have reasons to play this game (mostly because of their friends), but let's just see how long that'll last if flare continues to ignore us
  9. FunnyValentine

    Negativity around Conquest

    It's not 3 people at all, pay close attention to the forums before you assume the number of people that don't like conquest No one in my alliance likes Conquest (we're winning the current one, btw). The sole purpose of me creating this account was that I could represent our 60 members here
  10. FunnyValentine

    Next conquest in 20 days?

    uhh, no we'll complain until they fix this. "don't like? don't play" haha, you're funny
  11. FunnyValentine

    Next conquest in 20 days?

    Seriously? Where does it say that the next one will happen in 20 days? I want to see for myself This is ridiculous, I definitely don't want another conquest for the rest of the year, let alone in 20 days
  12. FunnyValentine

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    You can only build towers now
  13. FunnyValentine

    Do players that join mid conquest ever see the map? 

    Are you sure that players who joined the alliance mid-conquest can get all the rewards?
  14. FunnyValentine

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    Conquest mode is *****, no matter how much you play with it and try to make it look "nice", it's still ***** Matchmaking, the bullying that comes with it, the need to be online all the time when the other alliances don't want truce, the amount of time and resources put into this and the rewards that don't correspond to our efforts, the average player still doesn't understand how Conquest works making leaders and generals having to explain the basics to them instead of flare, players quitting the game because this event is too weird for them, etc etc Get rid of conquest
  15. FunnyValentine

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    It's not an event for the average player, definitely It still doesn't fit a tower defense play-when-you-want game too Reduced cooldown and the energy cost for movement was a good move, but it doesn't take the need to login every hour of everyday for 8 days, because the enemy can be at the gates at any moment Remove Conquest, Flare, this is the best feedback, just remove it also, made a little something for the guys at my alliance, they loved it (kinda)