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  1. Boundingleaf285

    Pro Pals in Pro chests

    For me current system is best where I exactly plan which pal to buy and save crytals according to that. If someone gets Nemesis out of their chest , I certainly feel for the players who who saved their crystals to buy nemesis. If we can get both pro items and pro pals, then the need for playing pro league will be very minimal.
  2. Boundingleaf285

    Bring back the dungeon petition

    I am in for bringing back dungeon quests but without medals.
  3. Boundingleaf285

    Microsoft Store Does Not Download Version 4.5

    I am using windows 10. I got the update. Try to manually update the app. You can do this by clicking "Get Updates" from " Downloads and updates" on Microsoft Store.
  4. Even with both eyes Ogre can't see. Now with one eye (cyclops) , I don't know what he is going to do 🤔.
  5. Boundingleaf285

    Does Janus need a buff? What's your opinion?

    I have been using Janus. Its portal ability is so good. Opens portal for every 10 secs is awesome. I have slight problem with the beast Janus. It breaks my timing on releasing the units. From portal it changes to translocation so it changes pal strategy too. The beast forms of other pals , enhances their pal ability. But for Janus it changes the ability. This thing slightly frustrates. So for the beast Janus, can any change be considered. I have some suggestions for beast Janus. The beast form should open a special portal with a longer time, with 1.A slight increase in morale during portal (or) 2. Units from the portal can have a war cry effect.
  6. A Defensive Guardian.....
  7. Boundingleaf285


    Name of the Alliance- Busshead13. Alliance level - 2 I think you want members for your alliance. Good luck
  8. Thank you flare. Now this game getting more interesting.
  9. Boundingleaf285

    feedback wanted Ice Ice Bab...uhm Viking

    I am for reducing Ice weakness to 50%. Remaining stats to be same.
  10. After summoning, the Green bar is Donkey Health. Red Bar is the 10 sec timer. Which ever exhausts first of these two, ends the Donkey ride and the King is back with the actual health.
  11. I have not experienced such a thing. Kings health remain same after the Donkey ride. May be your your team mates are pranking you.
  12. Has anyone got Gasper through free guardian chests which are available daily. Is it possible to get it from free guardian chests.
  13. If there is a guardian event, Chests collected during festival times will only have chances of guardians. Saving Gems will definitely help
  14. Finding which pal is to be accompanied for the battle takes some time. When we see a base layout changing troops,spells,pals, Guardians accordingly takes some time . So can there be an option to change these things on the "Prepare for battle screen" itself. By adding a small arrow or any small variations on their sides can help to select these items To and Fro. A Pal selection option on the above will also be helpful.