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  1. I am also experiencing some issues in playing this game on Windows 10 laptop. I am having a 4gb ram and 2gb vram(discrete graphics) . I think these specs should be more than sufficient to play this game. My problems are 1. Game lags so much. 2. On intense battle the spell keys are not working. 3. Mouse key also stops and king automatically run towards the direction which was previously directed. He is not changing the course. Although the game is not crashing but because of the above problems it is very difficult to play now.
  2. As a solider(though i am not) I don't like this feature. It creates more headaches to the leadership. Choices have to be made on whether someone has to become sergeant or someone should waste their energy to block or attack. If a alliance chooses everyone to be sergeant for convenience sake then there won't be any control on building towers. Towers can be build on undesirable places. A withdraw feature from war by leader( who attacked) can be useful for some good amount of gold ( it should be divided and given to the opponents or to alliance ) in case the soldiers get their freedom to attack.
  3. Name : BoundingLeaf285 Game : Royal Revolt 2. Answers. 1.First Crusade. 2.Geoffrey of Monmouth. 3.Rhea 4.Cetus 5.Theseus 6. Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Phlegethon, and Cocytus. 7.Hydra 8. Weedley in Yorkshire. Assuming it is a Vertical windmill. 9. Numeral system - Roman numeral system. Device - Abacus. 10. Prince-electors of Holy Roman Empire.
  4. This new terms update can be " We have updated our terms of use. Please take a moment to review the new terms and confirm you agree"
  5. As a PC user I too have this problem. A quick fix would be press "backspace". It will pause the game. Then you can relocate the mouse pointer. Its helpful for me. cuz i am using touchpad Many have asked this feature. Maybe when flare get those resources they may implement it.
  6. Hello everyone, Want to join an alliance? You need change? Our alliance " Les 12 singes " is made for you! We need active players who want to play for the fight but also for fun! We are an alliance that raises levels quickly. We are going from 650th place to 360 place in less than 3 months. However, we have some recommendations to join us : Heroes level 85 and + Daily donation 250k and + Language: French / English Donations made every day are requested Active players during the events : wars, conquests, ninjas - If you can not participate ... Just let us know. We are an alliance where dialogue is possible! Regular pro-league tickets are given to deserving players who have proven themselves during events. Available Beasts : Tammy, Archimedes, Eldrak, Irmgard, Phoebe (soon lvl2), Aki, Aska, Screamer, Grumbler, Bucky, Kaiser, Bella. Benefits of our alliance: Boosts 24/7: Fence gun Knight Wolf Ogre Boosts during the events (war, conquests, ninjas): Peak Bomb Tower Fireball tower (pro boost) Archer (pro boost) Paladin (pro boost) If you are interested ? So do not hesitate to join us and send a request to Lady Toutoune . See you soon !
  7. Why there are no advertisements to reduce the cool down time on forgings.
  8. Its community event. So we can relax and enjoy!!!
  9. Okay, Now I know the real meaning of the song
  10. This can be good but with Guardians offences are very powerful and they minimise the beast threats. King on Guardian is invincible , now king turning into beast mode will throw defence into chaos.
  11. Madlen might have indirectly answered this. We kind of had a drawing competition.
  12. If members were able donate crystals to alliance such as 5k, 10k, 15k or any amount . It would be easy for alliances to get any pro beast easily. On the total crystals , the alliance Leader can decide which beast to buy or number of pro pals for the alliance. Example- A Phoebe beast of level 1 costs 20000 * 25 = 500000 crystals. So once the alliance gets 500000 crystals the leader can get the Phoebe beast.
  13. I would like have some rare uber items for purchase with tokens. Those uber items should also have some rarity in the festival chest also.
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