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  1. And also which one is a better choice tammy or phoebe
  2. Hello everyone! I have a question. Phoebe heals the units and prince with blessing, and tammy heals like the heal spell. My tammy lvl 7 has 7600 heal power at the moment whereas phoebe has more than 13000 blessing. I know when a unit or king itself steps in blessing, if damaged more than blessing power it takes all the blessing at once. And tammy heals all the units and king in range simultaneously. The reall question is does tammy gives each unit and king 7600 or whatever its healing power is or it divides the heal to units and king?? If I couldn't explain this way, lets put it another way. If i have 7 ogres with me and im the 8th. Would tammy heal every ogre and my king 7600 or it will give 950 heal to every one?? Please give me a good answer i am a newbeeee
  3. Thats great. I thought they had same cooldown.
  4. I noticed today that every troop and spell that i used to forge had 4d11hours cooldown. I clearly remember everytime i forged before it has 7 days cooldown. What is actually happening now?
  5. I was expecting nemesis or ceres, I am really dissappointed. Janus and eris really????
  6. I saw it on almost 7 different android devises. When i search players and choose to attack on a player without alliance. This beast icon appears but there is no actual beast
  7. Ahhh. After a very long time I'm watching these stats. Once I was like that too. Only legendry items and always looking for better uber items. And playing more and more to get gold and xp. It was very fun back then. I really enjoyed this game but now it's not that interesting. I feel like a robot when raiding. Just formaly raid players to get few coins. Definetly not good when you have to raid constantly raid a whole day to upgrade just one spell, troop, or wave. There's no gold for defense. Only fun is when you are level 40-90.
  8. Hahaha. I was also lucky I found 2 bases with no towers and waves but with beasts. But dodging beast is not difficult at all.
  9. I'm new to this forum. Many members in posts mentioned me but i did not know how to mention someone. After my hard work now i found out how,
  10. I know that the health of a troop in defense and offense is different. For example my Ogre Lvl 5 in offense has 20000 hp and in defense it has 17000. And necromancer lvl 4 has 7000 health In offense but in defense it has 27000+. My question is when we copy a defensive unit using black magic or Nidhog pal, does the characteristics of that copied unit changes to that of offensive unit or it remains the same? I mean to say their health and attack etc changes to the hp equal to ofensive unit or it still has the characteristics of defensive unit. If I'm able to explain it then please answer.
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