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  1. In my opinion Proebe should be nerfed. I am level 98 player and from time to time I am facing Proebe. I can deal with it when the player’s level I attack is close to mine or lower, but if the player’s level is much higher, no matter how difficult the defense is I can't beat that beast. I use boosted archers and cannons (max level) as a combo, and they all die instantly. It is not OK. I have no problems with any other beasts from high level players. Only Probe is a issue.
  2. My biggest achievement is to find my own game strategies
  3. Byjol

    Conquest Matchmaking Calculation

    My alliance faced the same problem. The Alliance of the 52nd rank destroyed our towers and the towers of other alliances. We could not do anything, they were much stronger than us.
  4. Byjol

    Heal spell

    It was not so obvious for me, because like I said other spells with duration deal damage that described in description every second. In my opinion they should fix description. Anyway, thank you for clarifying
  5. Byjol

    Heal spell

    Hello, I have question about heal spell. How does it exactly work? I have level 12 heal spell with 3648 hp regeneration ability and 5s duration. What does it exactly mean? Does it mean that my hero and my troops regenerate 3648 hp per second or 18240 hp per 5 second. I don''t see it in the battle when i fight people but I can see that my other spell with duration like bladestorm deal 3581 damage every second or 17905 per 5 second. Why the principle of their work is different, despite the identical description with duration mechanics?
  6. Byjol

    One more update on the ad issue

    I feel like in my country (Ukraine) it is only 20-25 ads available, its is unfair. Today 0 ads available, something definitely wrong with this update. Please make it more fair for everyone.
  7. Team ?, I am ready for some fun.