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  1. The game is crashing in almost 50% of the time... any fast solutions on the way?
  2. Yes nice idea. Reduce costs and time by removating tower.
  3. 1) May be an idea to give players in conquest mode some special skills like: - scout: faster move (more than 4) and lower cooldown, with less power on attack. - champion: more power but give extra reward to opposite team if killed - .... 2) May be also an idea to limitate the number of lifes to 3 f.ex...so you avoid kamikaze mission or avoid players getting killed to come back faster to headquarter insteas of returning by road in case of danger.
  4. Yes specially by middle range players, the defense is based on strong beast but as @buuks said you can only see low towers in defence. This lead i think to higher trophee level by the defendor who is obliged after to attack too strong players. Could lead to frustration.
  5. There are game rules and we play to win the game not to change the rules. To be honest, i crashed many times since levup. Players have to learn to loose, attack lower, attack differently, and win in defense more now what been lost in attack may be....the game is not bad now but different. We need to adapt ourself. I dont want to play a100% victory game. The real problem may be player ego...learn to loose and become better player Back to your question, i am not optimistic but i like chalenge and i dont want to play like the last 6 month just beeing online to perk my max towers and units for the 120 times and wait 1 week cooldown. Winning all fights easy in war in skull gear like all players. I want to be creative and not using the same mix for ages.
  6. Never said i dont care...saying if you want to protest do it right...i never got more gems since white flag started, most from white flags.... And saying instead of complaining in forum...use the time practicing
  7. Many white flag teams yes....almost all with people still scrolling during war. So in my eyes only a selective protest. Also complaining players should stop saying they will quit if bla bla...sounds to me like people who want to quit smoking every month. The game is more interesting now even if not perfect....anyway do what you want, you will always find people complaining
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