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  1. Sasch

    Cant see granny beast

    Hi Soilwk, What kind of device do you use?
  2. Sasch

    bug players in my alliance

    Hey Terrysasha, We looked into the issue and indeed, the player Royal Long was shown in two alliances. We took care of it and it should be fine now
  3. Hey Rizwan007, Thanks a lot for reporting this bug. It has been added to our database.
  4. Sasch

    Forge bugs

    Hey guys, we will look into that issue
  5. Sasch

    Update 4.1 not showing

    Hi Couyancyk, You have to save your game on OneDrive before you uninstall the app in order to get your account back after reinstalling In case it is not working, you should take screenshots of your current state (e. g. number of Gems, Gold, Hero Level, Levels of Troops and Buildings) and then contact the customer support and give them all the information about your account.
  6. Sasch

    Fury bug

    Thanks guys for reporting this issue We will look into that issue.
  7. Sasch

    Another trophy bug

    Hi LagunaC, The issue you're describing is actually not a bug. When the player you're fighting against has less trophies than you have and you're not reaching 100% at the end of a battle, it is possible to lose trophies.
  8. Hi Lee8006, Sorry for the late reply. It is, in fact, a display issue. The correct number should be 0.1s and not 0.8s.
  9. Sasch

    No Conquest Rewards

    Hey Warmaster8, When you change the alliance while the Conquest is still running you won't receive any Conquest rewards. Therefore you should stay in an alliance until the end of a Conquest Event in order to receive rewards.
  10. Sasch


    Hi Obliteran, Thanks for reporting this bug. We are aware of the issue and it has been already added to our database.
  11. Sasch

    Game has lags atm

    Hey guys, Could all of you please post below what devices you are using (+version). And could you also give some more details about the freeze? When does the issue occur? Does the freeze only happen during battles or also in the Castle Scene or somewhere else? At what point during a battle does the freeze occur? And how often does the issue occur?
  12. Sasch

    War blessing bug

    Hey HOLYDIVINE, Thanks again for reporting that. We will look into it.
  13. Sasch

    Daily Festival Chest Bug

    Hey SolidSnake, First of all, thanks for your very detailed description. We were looking into it. The case is the following: When a player's session runs out (e. g. after being offline for a while), the content of chests gets auto-collected. Unfortunately, if the player has no open space in their inventory for another item, like in your case, the item can get lost. Therefore it's important to collect the item as quick as possible.
  14. Hey Pixels! Yeah, please open a new thread next time when you find a new bug However, for this bug it's not necessary anymore to open a new thread. We are aware of this issue and it has already been added to our database. Thanks for pointing that out.
  15. Sasch

    upgrading items/towers/obstacles/units/spells

    Haha, that was too obvious 😅 Thanks Spacebreaker for the quick answer.