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  1. Hi floritaka, Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the issue and it has been already added to our database.
  2. Sasch

    donkey conquest bug - fyi

    Hey whatsa, The upgrade time at max level for the alliance buildings in the Stronghold is not 2 or 3 days normally. The upgrade times are: Alliance Headquarters at level 9 = 4 days (upgrade time); level 10 = 5 days (upgrade time) Stone Depot at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time) Builders' Quarters at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time) Troop Quarters at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time) University at level 10 = 4 days (upgrade time)
  3. Sasch

    more info needed Error

    Hi @lisowskixyz , Sorry for experiencing this issue. We're looking into it Could you please tell us again if the upgrade hasn't finished after 13 hours from now on?
  4. Hi Magimagic, Thanks for posting this. Actually the issue you're describing is no bug, however, it's a good idea to receive messages when a tower is built or research is finished In order to take that into consideration for future updates you could open a thread in the "Ideas & feature requests" forum. 😀
  5. Sasch

    in review Images not loading

    Hey CHALLENGER, I am sorry to hear that and thank you for reporting that. We will look into the issue.
  6. Hi Pepper1212, Thank you for posting this. We've added it to our database.
  7. Hi @ANIK, Sorry for the late reply. Can you finally connect to Facebook again?
  8. Sasch

    Missing event chest?

    Hi drFranjoTudjman, Thanks for reporting this. Please contact the customer support in this matter
  9. Hey @Stanleun, Does it work with the new update for you too?
  10. Sasch

    in review Halloween festival bugs....

    Hi Mohamed123, Thank you for showing that to us. We are aware of the issue and it has been already added to our database
  11. Sasch

    more info needed Can't load game on iOS

    Hey Godzillafrag, Could you please tell us your in-game name?
  12. Sasch

    in review Something just not right

    Hey Play For Fun, Thank you for posting this. We are aware of the issue and it has been added to our database.
  13. No, the version 4.3.1 is not only for PC but also for Windows Phone Does it work for you now, @mss73 ?
  14. Sasch

    solved The Order of Pro Ticket Usage

    Hi RoyaleDing2, Thanks for the information. And yes, please tell us as soon as you find something unsual again However for your information, we did check it with a monthly free ticket and with free tickets from pro chests In both cases the tickets should not be donatable (like Madlen said only the tickets purchased with Gems are donatable). And the correct order should be always: At first all not donatable tickets should be used in order to participate in a Pro League and after that the donatable ones.
  15. Sasch

    in review No COF Skull - Conquest War

    Hi Play For Fun, Did your alliance member open all chests in the Chamber of Fortune and did not receive any skulls? Or did he open only some chests in the CoF?