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  1. Hi Jesper, We're sorry to hear that. But thank you for showing that to us. In case it happens another time, could you please tell us again?
  2. Sasch

    in review No Guardian rewards

    Hey guys, Thank you all for reporting this and we want to apologize for the late reply. And, indeed, there is definitely something wrong. Therefore the issue has been added to our database and we're investigating the problem.
  3. Hey @skellz, We're working on it. Does your alliance still have the problem or is everything correct now for the current season?
  4. Sasch

    in review Wars notifications

    Hey guys, Thanks for reporting this. The issue has been added to our database.
  5. Hi ARREBIMBA, Sorry for the confusion but we haven't adjusted the tier rewards. The rewards you've received were the correct ones (3000 Crystals + 3 Pro-Chests). After the pro-cup ended, the new tier sorting was already applied and therefore it was showing the tiering for the upcoming cup. That's the reason why you've seen different rewards in the leaderboard.
  6. Sasch

    in review Problem with cursed chest

    Hi @Diolenno, Thanks for reporting this. Could you please send us your in-game name in order to look into the issue?
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for reporting this. We'll look into the issue.
  8. Hi @SamaYokay, We are sorry as well to hear that you're having so much trouble. In order to help you and look into the issues we still need the device you're using. That means we need the type of device you're using, the operational system and its version. That means: Qual celular você usa (+ sistema operacional como Android, iOS,... e qual versão)? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi @SamaYokay, Thanks for showing that to us. Like Madlen already asked, could you please tell us what kind of device you're using (OS + version)? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi @Villhelm2, Thanks for posting this. Do all the issues still occur? And could you please send us what specific device/laptop you're using?
  11. Hey guys, Thanks for reporting this. For those who haven't posted their devices yet could you please do that? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi @thomas239, Thanks for posting that. Is the boost activated now?
  13. Sasch

    in review invulnerable tower

    Hey guys, Thanks a lot for showing that to us. It has been already added to our database and we will look into it.
  14. Sasch

    solved Facebook app is not loading

    Hey guys, Thank you for reporting this issue. We'll look into it.
  15. Hi @Imyself, Sorry for the late reply. Is it working now?
  16. Sasch

    solved Crashing in Alliance Chat

    Hi guys, Thanks for reporting this. We will look into the issue.
  17. Hey @Bladerunner2063, Does it still not work? Do you always get a disconnect as soon as you try to collect your free pro ticket? Could you also send me your in-game name please?
  18. Hi Sangrial, Thank you for showing this to us. We will look into it
  19. Sasch

    in review Bugs problems

    Hi Atlas78, Thanks for reporting this. We will look into the issue.
  20. Hi rskoenig, Thanks for reporting the issue and pointing that out. ;) We will look into it again.
  21. Hi skellz, Thanks for posting this. I know the war season is already over, however, we will look into it
  22. Hey guys, Thanks for showing the issue to us again. We're working on it.
  23. Hey guys, Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of the issue and working on fixing it.
  24. Sasch

    in review Bug in king status

    Muito obrigada We are aware of it. It will be fixed in the next update
  25. Hey Pommetje, Could you please give us your in-game name so that we can look into the issue? Thanks in advance