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  1. This the last ranking in league pro. But where are my friends of France 98? They were 6 in top 10 but they have been banned from this lp! Why? They are just good players. You banned them only because some players are jealous
  2. I give to friends in my ex alliance
  3. With pearls we can ad blunt damage to the spell but i's useless too. Why?
  4. This pro league is too hard again. No players reach 1900 points. Can you adjust the tiers please?
  5. I'ts always the same thing with these events: we never find pals
  6. We can't push the beast in the middle of our army when the guardian is activated. LacunaC is right
  7. lego

    Necro werewolf

    Some troops and towers have weakness to differents spells.
  8. Init4luck asked for pro beast, not pro pal. I think it's Phoebe but I don't use pal flute so I'm not sure.
  9. Hello. Since the nerf of Ceres i use Aska but i spent a lot of food pal for Ceres. It should be a good idea to allow us to reset a pal to the level 1 and to recover the food spent. Sorry for my bad english
  10. It's wrong. If you disconnect 5 minutes it's change the battle. I did this when i wanted tower to the gate for win with only 2 crowns (more battle = more gold)
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