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  1. Yes the game is dead, however you can write to the lead Dev. Honestly Warrior if this game is dead to you why come here and put your shade on the people who want to keep this game going. We get it, but we like the game and we will try until the end to have some one hear use. So again thank you Warrior for your info.
  2. Not a cool move on their part. Not Cool, Not Cool.
  3. Ya no new updates but I have been playing for three mouths and enjoy it. So I don't have np, I write to the "Dev" as you say about once week.
  4. Nothing Bad here been playing every day and enjoying the game. I have not tried to level up fast but maxing out all my Rigs and Base before moving on. Love this game.
  5. They maybe making a DoS 2 but until we get news I say play and have fun. I write to the head designer every few days about updates and helping out the DoS community. I know they are trying to cash in with RR 2 but that is no reason to put a great game like DoS on the back burner.
  6. Until they say remove I say stay with it !!!
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