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  1. Woohoo! You left me surprised bro, we thought the same and you are right in your words! Thanks for your time and for answering me
  2. I think something is wrong in a game when you reach those decisions, of course there are alliances that must understand that point, disappear and join others, but boy, there are alliances with 20 active players who can not go to another alliance that only have 8 free spaces ... Now if you think so, "No problem we leave this alliance and we move on to another, in that lapse will disappear many players, sometimes some players are active just to support the alliance and its members who already formed friendship ties . In my case, my alliance is 58/60, the issue is the ACTIVITY of the players and the integration of NEW PLAYERS, we no longer receive as many requests as before, that is why I propose that the problem is MANY ALLIANCES AND FEW PLAYERS . I believe that a game goes badly when new alliances can no longer survive and they are forced to merge with other alliances, I think that is not the solution to this problem.
  3. Okey brother, I understand your point, then you think that the solution to everything is to create a global chat? That of the global chat seems to me an excellent idea, but now imagines to be reading messages in all the languages of the world? The messages would be lost, do not you think? In the case of us Hispanics it is very difficult to communicate with everyone, maybe a global chat with some options like "Chat in Spanish", "Chat in English", "Chat in Japanese", "Chat in Russian", etc. That would be ideal, do not you think? Regarding the forum you're right, very few enter the forum. Another question is, the Game is 5 years old, but when have you seen an advertisement of the game? I have never seen any publicity of the game, neither on Facebook, nor on YouTube, anywhere, there are games that start and pay a lot of publicity, because FLAREGAMES does not do that? You really do not think that a problem of the game is "MANY ALLIANCES FOR FEW PLAYERS"?
  4. Hello everyone, I hope you are very well I have a couple of ideas and suggestions, around the last 2 months we have seen an absence of players in many alliances. I think the problem here is that there are many alliances and they continue to create more and more alliances, so what happens? = There are many alliances and few players. This generates an imbalance in the game and for us the players of yesteryear, it generates demotivation, I think that there are fewer and fewer players in this game and FLAREGAMES must take IMMEDIATE measures to reverse this. My idea is: 1-Restrict temporarily the creation of alliances for a time. 2- Maybe require a minimum level of the player to create an alliance. 3- They could eliminate alliances that have more than 2 months and that have less than 10 active players. 4-A restriction to create an alliance could be that, you have to join several players to create an alliance, something like a company among several partners. Maybe at least 3 or 4 players must accept that contract to create an alliance. Must understand that this is a problem, MANY ALLIANCES FOR FEW PLAYERS, this bores, since there is a balanced competition, demotivates players of old and for new players to see this little balanced competition are not interested in the game. In conquest mode it would be excellent if the bastion button shines when you have full resources, just like when you have a donation available for the alliance. Understand, we need to keep the players motivated! there are fewer.


    Do you think the pairing is good? Our alliance is going well, because the strong alliance has not been put against us, it seems that they will leave us to the last, or simply it is complicated to fight against the 3 alliances. We are 3 alliances that we are at a similar level (50 approx) and they are level 80. We have to see how to survive before them and the only way is to expand as much as we can our territory, you must plan your strategy if you want to survive. And the fact that you do not complain about the bad match does not make you better, for that is this forum, to express our disagreements, if you want the game to be fair for all you must demand it, if you do not do it, it will always go badly for you. Maybe the one who should stop playing the conquest mode is you.


    I told you before ... The players do not want anything given away, we are committed players who understand the modality of the game. The only thing we want is a balance ... To my level 52 alliance put it against a level 62 and we split the mother to beat them, but, do not put us to a level 80 alliance because we know that it is impossible to win, the players discourage, even since the conquest began, the game has been abandoned by more than 4 members who were very active, who had more than 2 years in the alliance. The situation is clear, most players are not happy with the conquest mode, even very strong alliances that have benefited from this bad PAIRING are not happy, they do not like to abuse lower alliances. We only want a true solution, we do not want to be given more gems, we are not like dogs when they give you croquettes to keep quiet. Again, I DEMAND RESPECT FOR THE PLAYERS! FLAREGAMES STOP PLAYING WITH RR2, if you want to experiment with one game do it with another.


    Hello friends, I hope you are very well and enjoying the conquest For the second time we have a very strong alliance, we still have not discovered the other 2 ... I had already mentioned it before, to which NO ONE answered anything. We discovered an alliance of level 80, with 41 players over 3000 drinks ... how do you compare such an alliance against my alliance level 52 with only 10 players over 3000 drinks. This is already too much, we are tired of error after error. WE PLAY ROYAL REVOLT 2, but FLAREGAMES 'PROGRAMMERS AND STAFF SEEMS THAT THEY ARE PLAYING WITH RR2. More than 3 years in this game and had never been so unhappy as today, since they started with the conquests have not done anything right, do 1 thing well and do 5 wrong. As one person commented on another topic, the fact that a level 80 alliance has gone badly in the first two conquests does not mean that it is bad or weak, they can not be based on that and match them with level 52 alliances, it sounds foolish to think that such a pairing will be good for everyone. With all respect to the one I address to you, I demand that you also respect us as your players, clients, or whatever you want to call us. I hope that now if you take the trouble to answer me and explain in detail what they are based on for matching the conquest (and if you can put it in SPANISH) @Madlen
  9. @Madlen I hope you see my ideas and recommendations for the conquest
  10. You're right, the current way of conquest mode is boring and definitely FLAREGAMES needs to do something to remedy this. You have great ideas bro, I liked them all, however, your ideas are practically eliminate the conquest way by a totally different type of game. I do not think FLARE will change the conquest way for something different, that is why we have to give NEW IDEAS and not very COMPLICATED so that the CONQUEST MODE is FUN and keeps us MOTIVATED. Something like ... the players are SEDIENT and we only have land ... we need to see how to make water with that land they give us. FLARE puts the modes of PLAY, it is our responsibility to make FLARE understand our needs and what we would like them to do, without radically changing what is already. MY REGARDS, BROTHER! PS: I AM WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE @Madlen
  11. Hello FlareGames, with all due respect definivitamente need to do something to keep the players, many are frustrated, tired, exhausted, depressed, etc. For this, I have a couple of PROPOSALS for you to analyze, I know that many will not be possible, but nevertheless, they will give you an idea of something they can do, the players want and need MOTIVATION, JOY, THAT MAKE US FEEL VALUED ( we do not want to be given everything, we know how to earn our things and we know that good things cost work) 1) That the conquest lasts for a maximum of 4 days, in which the full 4 days can be attacked. 2) If you plan to continue with the same rewards, you should add rewards for the total number of skulls added by the alliance. For example: 50,000 = a chest for everyone (with rewards to the liking of FLAREGAMES) 75,000 = another box of choice FLAREGAMES 100.00 = another box chosen by FLAREGAMES * This with the intention of MOTIVATING the players to participate in the conquest mode. 3) Lower the cost of resources 4) Increase resource recharge time 5) Implement a REWARD mode per discovered box. for example: "You have been the first to walk through square 879, receive 1 chest for your entire alliance" 6) Reduce the time of construction of watchtowers * This also with the intention of making the conquest mode more entertaining and making the most of the time it lasts. 7) Balancing more the rivals of the conquests, a simple algorithm would be: Match them by the TOTAL OF CUPS, or the RANK, or add the rank of the alliance + its level and divide it by 2, for example: RANK 356 + 53 LEVEL OF THE ALLIANCE / 2 = 204.5 RANK 211 + 61 LEVEL OF THE ALLIANCE / 2 = 136 This way it will not happen again what happened in this last conquest where level 40 alliances against level 70 alliances were found. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND TRUTH I HOPE THAT YOU TAKE INTO ACCOUNT SOMETHING OF HERE EXPOSED. I consulted these proposals with my alliance (53 members) and all agreed. @Madlen Hola FlareGames, definivitamente necesitan hacer algo para mantener a los jugadores, muchos estamos frustrados, cansados, agotados, deprimidos, etc. Por esto, le tengo un par de PROPUESTAS para que analicen, se que muchas no serán posibles, pero sin embargo, les darán una idea de algo que puedan hacer posible, los jugadores queremos y necesitamos MOTIVACIÓN, ALEGRÍA, QUE NOS HAGAN SENTIR VALORADOS (tampoco queremos que nos regalen todo, sabemos ganarnos nuestras cosas y sabemos que las cosas buenas cuestan trabajo) 1) Que la conquista dure a lo máximo 4 días, en las que se pueda atacar los 4 días completos. 2) Si piensan seguir con las mismas recompensas, deberían agregar recompensas por el total de calaveras que sume la alianza. Por ejemplo: 50,000 = un cofre para todos (con recompensas del agrado de FLAREGAMES) 75,000 = otro cofre a elección de FLAREGAMES 100,00 = otro cofre a elección de FLAREGAMES *Esto con la intención de MOTIVAR a los jugadores a participar en el modo conquista. 3)Bajar el costo de los recursos 4)Aumentar el tiempo de recarga de recursos 5)Implementar un modo de RECOMPENSA por casilla descubierta. por ejemplo: "Haz sido el primero en caminar por la casilla 879, recibe 1 cofre para toda tu alianza" 6)Reducir el tiempo de construcción de atalayas *Esto también con la intención de hacer mas entretenida el modo conquista y aprovechar al máximo el tiempo que esta dure. 7)Equilibrar mas los rivales de las conquistas, un algoritmo sencillo sería: Emparejarlas por el TOTAL DE COPAS, o el RANGO, o sumar el rango de la alianza + su nivel y dividirlo entre 2, por ejemplo: RANGO 356 + 53 NIVEL DE LA ALIANZA / 2 = 204.5 RANGO 211 + 61 NIVEL DE LA ALIANZA / 2 = 136 De esta manera no volverá a pasar lo que pasó en esta última conquista donde se encontraron alianzas nivel 40 contra alianzas nivel 70.
  12. "flare does not like to give anything for free" That is totally true, when the first conquest event ended, they launched the DISCOUNT OF THE ALLIANCE CASTLE, knowing that we all ended up without gems after the conquest way, this they did with the purpose of that we spend money on GEMAS. At that moment I realized that FlareGames is more interested in their economic well-being than the well-being of their players. I understand that for us this is a game, but for them it is a BUSINESS, but there must be a balance between GAME and BUSINESS, which they are not respecting, they only see BUSINESS in everything they do. And you are absolutely right to say that "THE PLAYER LIKES TO FEEL APPRECIATED" and FLAREGAMES has been doing the opposite in these last months (years). My friends and my alliance of more than 3 years old and with more than 50 members, we support your idea brother @Warriornator "a flare no le gusta dar nada gratis" Eso es totalmente cierto, cuando terminó el primer evento de conquista, lanzaron el DESCUENTO DEL CASTILLO DE LA ALIANZA, sabiendo que todos terminamos sin gemas despues del modo conquista, esto lo hicieron con la finalidad de que gastaramos dinero en GEMAS. En ese momento me di cuenta que a FlareGames, le interesa mas su bienestar economico, que el bienestar de sus jugadores. Entiendo que para nosotros esto es un juego, pero para ellos es un NEGOCIO, pero debe haber un equilibrio entre JUEGO Y NEGOCIO, el cual ellos no están respetando, solo ven NEGOCIO en todo lo que hacen. Y tienes toda la razón al decir que "AL JUGADOR LE GUSTA SENTIRSE APRECIADO" y FLAREGAMES a estado haciendo todo lo contrario en estos ultimos meses (años). Mis amigos y mi alianza de mas de 3 años de antigüedad y con mas de 50 miembros, apoyamos tu idea hermano @Warriornator
  13. @Madlen #FLAREGAMES Les escribo en representación de una alianza unida que lleva mas de 3 años activa, siempre comprometida y desarrollando lazos de amistad que han ido mas allá del juego. Deben entender que 7 u 8 días del modo conquista son demasiado cansado, desgastante, incluso aburrido. El tema de las recompensas sigue siendo un problema, con 3 días del evento Ninja obtenemos mas y mejores recompensas, además de que ese evento lo podías terminar en 1 solo día. Entiendan que tenemos vida social, tenemos trabajo, familia, escuela, borracheras, fiestas, etcétera. Somos mas de 50 miembros activos. Los miembros de mi alianza se encuentran desmotivados, hay quienes ya ni si quiera entran al modo conquista, solo entran a realizar su donación diario y ya, incluso hay mas actividad en nuestro grupo de WhatSapp que en el juego. Somos jugadores con mas de 3 años de experiencia y hay a quienes les cuesta entender el modo conquista, ahora imagina: "QUE PASARÁ CON LOS JUGADORES NUEVOS E INCLUSO LOS FUTUROS NUEVOS JUGADORES" cuando vean un evento de conquista... rápidamente van abandonar el juego. Si #FLAREGAMES quiere atraer nuevos jugadores y MANTENER A SUS JUGADORES deben realizar muchos cambios en el modo conquista. Es una FALTA DE RESPETO esto que nos están haciendo, dicen haber realizado "mejoras" pero que a pasado ? Alianzas de rango 300 en un mapa con alianzas rango 200, 100. W T F ? La verdad es que si no fuera por la relación de amistad y el compromiso que eh creado con mis compañeros de la alianza, de no ser por eso, ya hubiese dejado el juego. Si van a realizar algunos cambios deben ponerlos a prueba antes de hacerlos oficiales... SI CONTINÚA ASÍ EL MODO CONQUISTA, PUEDE QUE ESTO PONGA FINAL A ROYALT REVOLT 2... MODO CONQUISTA ACTUAL = GAME OVER RR2 POR FAVOR DEJEN DE OFENDER A LOS JUGADORES DE RR2 CON SUS CAMBIOS INSERVIBLES Y HAGAN ALGO PARA RECOMPENSAR SUS ERRORES! ESTAMOS HARTOS! ESPERO NO OFENDER A NADIE, PERO YA FUE SUFICIENTE, DEBEMOS UNIRNOS COMO JUGADORES Y QUE DE VERDAD NOS HAGAN CASO. GRACIAS! @Madlen #FLAREGAMES I am writing on behalf of a united alliance that has been active for more than 3 years, always committed and developing bonds of friendship that have gone beyond the game. They must understand that 7 or 8 days of the conquest way are too tired, exhausting, even boring. The issue of rewards is still a problem, with 3 days of the Ninja event we get more and better rewards, besides that event you could finish it in 1 day only. Understand that we have social life, we have work, family, school, drunkenness, parties, et cetera. We are more than 50 active members. The members of my alliance are unmotivated, there are those who do not even enter the conquest mode, they only enter to make their daily donation and already, there is even more activity in our WhatSapp group than in the game. We are players with more than 3 years of experience and there are those who find it hard to understand the conquest way, now imagine: "WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH NEW PLAYERS AND EVEN THE FUTURE NEW PLAYERS" when they see a conquest event ... they will quickly abandon the game. If #FLAREGAMES wants to attract new players and KEEP THEIR PLAYERS they must make many changes in the conquest mode. It is a lack of respect that they are doing to us, they say they have made "improvements" but what happened? Alliances rank 300 on a map with alliances rank 200, 100. W T F? The truth is that if it were not for the friendship relationship and the commitment that I created with my partners in the alliance, if not for that, I would have left the game. If they are going to make some changes they must test them before making them official ... IF THE CONQUEST MODE CONTINUES SO, THIS MAY END THE ROYALT REVOLT 2 ... CURRENT CONQUEST MODE = GAME OVER RR2 PLEASE STOP OFFENDING RR2 PLAYERS WITH THEIR INSERVABLE CHANGES AND DO SOMETHING TO REWARD THEIR ERRORS! WE ARE TIRED! I HOPE NOT TO OFFEND ANYBODY, BUT IT WAS ENOUGH, WE MUST JOIN US AS PLAYERS AND TRULY MAKE US CASE. THANK YOU
  14. Hello friends. I believe that the conquest way must be more balanced, my alliance is level 51, rank 363, we had to be against 2 top 141 alliances and 137 levels 64 and 68. How is it possible to fight against these alliances? We have survived thanks to an agreement with Cheesey, otherwise they would have eliminated us from the first day. Wait almost 1 month for the conquest event and we play this? It is frustrating and depressing. FlareGames please make the conquests more balanced, it is not possible that these things happen, do you really expect to have happy and active players with so much ***** that they have done us lately? The rewards are still bad for 8 days of event, there are those who have work, family and other activities and we just want to have fun with Royal revolt 2, but with events like this it is impossible not to get depressed. It seems that every time more, they are only focusing on making the game only for alliances tops and high players, pro league, very powerful beasts like febe and now the conquest that only the alliances with lots of gold and gems can enjoy to raise their resources . Hola amigos. Considero que el modo conquista debe ser mas balanceado, mi alianza es nivel 51, rango 363, nos tocó estar contra 2 alianzas top 141 y 137 niveles 64 y 68. Como es posible combatir contra esas alianzas? Hemos sobrevivido gracias a que hicimos un acuerdo con Cheesey, de no ser así nos hubieran eliminado desde el primer día. Esperar casi 1 mes para el evento de conquista y nos toca esto? Es frustrante y deprimente. FlareGames por favor hagan mas equilibrado las conquistas, no es posible que pasen estas cosas, de verdad esperan tener jugadores contentos y activos con tanta mierda que nos han echo ultimamente? Las recompensas siguen siendo malas para 8 días de evento, hay quienes tenemos trabajo, familia y otras actividades y solo queremos diatraernos y divertirnos con Royal revolt 2, pero con eventos así es imposible no deprimirse. Parece ser que cada ves mas, solo se están centrando en hacer el juego solo para alianzas tops y jugadores altos, pro league, bestias muy poderosas como febe y ahora la conquista que solo pueden disfrutarla las alianzas con mucho oro y gemas para subir sus recursos. F*ck that *****!
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