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  1. Alumbri

    Answers Dev Q&A December

    Thank you so much for the answers! And I am very pleased especially with this one and hope it will come very soon. I have just one more question in this context: Does this include daily quests?
  2. This is maybe the theme of the games???
  3. Lol... this is a bit unrealistic^^. Tavern 20 =15k gold/h, +10lvl(i guess +2k per lvl) and on top of that boosted... this would mean you could nearly reach 1M/h just by watching a few adds?!
  4. I've opened 20 "regular" chests and got 0! so i'm of the same mind as Arrebimba.
  5. True and well said 👍. This all because there is a huge imbalance in defense beast. What i d'ont understant, you need 25 to get phoebe but for other "regular" 50 and not event worth it. And on top of that there is the chance factor, you can't be sure to fall on the same regular many times... I suggest a regular beast buff.
  6. Alumbri

    Defense History

    Hello, Is it possible to have this kind of feature in the battle logs? This would be great, because actually you have no options to know wich mount the opponent uses. Pals is kind of hard to find, you must go into player profile, but you can't be sure if they used this one you see, because they can change set.
  7. Always should a least be greatefull that there was even a compensation this time!
  8. Alumbri

    Terrible Matchmaking in Conquest

    Yea i agree its all about strategy, good coordination <->more chances to succeed, but its not the point here. Yea ok,you can challenge the odds but you will still strugle compared to the counterpart. This is why the actual matchmaking is good. It's not good a matchmaking based on total alliance trophy count.
  9. Alumbri

    stop spamming

    So you suggest that we should not recieve information when battle finish?
  10. Alumbri

    Terrible Matchmaking in Conquest

    This is just an example to show that it would be unfair to mid alliances. New ex: 2500 x65-->162500 // 3000 x55-->165000 // 3500x47-->164500 // 4000x41-->164000 This doesnt change the fact that the matchmaking would still/could be unfair.
  11. Alumbri

    Terrible Matchmaking in Conquest

    Ok, So for example this case : Alliance with 60 members 1k trophies =60k (total) Alliance with 30 members 2k trophies=60k Alliance with 20 members 3k trophies=60k Alliance with 15 members 4k trophies=60k So each alliance gets into the same tier and have a match. The 4th alliance will surely win the conquest with ease. The 3rd will also have more or less ease, while the 2 others will strugle. So the 1st alliance should do what kick members to have easier conquest ? This is unfair, just to have a better matchmaking. The 4th alliance will get easy and extreme good rewards(based on their trophies), while also having a « fair ? »/easy match for them. So ok they get (with what I've understood), « poor ?» conquest tier rewards and also very good rewards with their trophy range(like Ninja). Maybe less reward as a team but good individual. This will just create a bigger gap between top and mid alliances... and also (maybe ?) break the alliance spirit : « It doesn't matter if I lose or win, in the end I get my good solo rewards ! » Well this can be seen as an extreme example but can happen :). So I must disagree with it.
  12. Alumbri

    Terrible Matchmaking in Conquest

    Yea I agree and I see your point, but I prefer the actual matchmaking. It limits the damage.
  13. Alumbri

    Terrible Matchmaking in Conquest

    Then you should expect to have harder battles. I think Rank doesn’t really matter because easily abused, lvl player is better. I don’t think there exist a perfect matchmaking, in every case there will always be an « unfair » match.
  14. Alumbri

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    Ok agreed conquest has it flaws, but this mode has so much potential. Personnaly I think this mode is better that War season, just plain.
  15. Alumbri

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    Ok, but do you think it s fair that you can achieve supreme victory against 2v1 and a lvl 2 tower that your opponent had a hard time to build? It is normal this gap.