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  1. By the way sorrry Lacuna this was not meant to be on this tread😅
  2. Well i don't understand why you are angry? The only solution is gardians in low player Its a fact... I challenge everyone one the forum to give another solution! So? Most of "classical" solution i have seen won't work. Use shield? Shield + low player + phebe... No just no High moral combo... don't even think about it... Monk? they don't even have arbalaster... Join alliance with good boost? Most of people don't want low lvl players with low AT in theirs so NO. Ah yea there is the pro boost ascension archer that could work, but can a low lvl player join a good alliance? Not really likely... The only solution IS gardian.
  3. And? changing the place of choke point don't changes anything, I think you don't understand that low players have not high lvl enough "WOK" to deal with the beast. And I don't even speak about moral( like 5-8k). The only choice is to use low moral units. This technic to push phebe in low moral units will just wipe out your army. The king will already be 1/2 life with just 1 cast of armaggedon... Solution? Yea gardian because it give temporay imunity with enough damage(pal + gardian) to take it out. Wolf +phebe low player = instant death... Sol? NONE! So Gardians are indispensable for low lvl kings, only solution for them... Later when they get stronger there are other solutions...
  4. I think there should be more stuff on the map, more tiles, more mechanics, I remember i made a poll about it a few times ago and most of the people on the forum wanted more "features" on the map.
  5. Only flare knows, but i think the one you get 1st, is most of the time, worth more.
  6. Alumbri

    Shield for Towers

    That's unfortunate... Attack before they attack this is a good advice😂
  7. Yes there is a cap in throne room I think it’s 3 but still... guardians are really op I can’t understand why people want them stronger, I agree guardians should be obtainable later but with phebe roaming in the low trophies ranges it’s not feasible, because there don’t exist any other counter
  8. No number 4 should(!) stay as it is, conquest is so good because you are “free” to do what you want and go where you want. You have so much freedom. This is really an unique feature. So why should members mouvment be restricted?This is so mean for new players that think they can help. Just tell your plans in chat. this would mean, when there is no general or leader at the moment no one can join fight, this is ridiculous. So even more work for generals. There is a chat for telling members what your plans are... if the other player don’t read it maybe conquest isn’t for him, because it is a team competition with organisation.
  9. Alumbri

    Shield for Towers

    This will ruin the surprise attacks. I don’t think it’s a good idea. If they attack when you r sleeping this also means you attack when they are sleeping...
  10. This up here is the “classic” argument most people say. I also think this is ridiculous.
  11. This is strange why isn’t there like in war season a msg like “This boost has reached its maximum extension” that blocks further extension ?
  12. Well it is indeed the same path. And i don’t see the problem here. Why? you want a complete rework of the path design, this will never happen. And yea conquest is intirely different just attacks is the same but that is as in the whole game...
  13. Alumbri

    Research tree

    The last ones are impossible too get unless you use gems. I don’t know why it s like that, but in reality you just need a few ones and it’s already enough. We always managed to do well even when not reaching half way of the research tree.
  14. I like to see what happens on other conquest maps. Just too bad not many show their conquest.
  15. wow the guy five res!! this is crazy because it doubles each time! Well defended.
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