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  1. I updated the game to the new version and hung it 2 times in a row (this means 120 less trophies for my king). Instead of improving things ... it seems that they got worse with this new update. Windows 10, Lap top. IGN: Miguel Araujo video-1545166135.mp4
  2. It is the second time that the game is blocked in this base. But yesterday it closed suddenly in this same place ... now the screen is frozen. And apparently, what causes this problem is not the activation of the donkey ... but the speed. Windows 10 IGN: Miguel Araujo video-1544814704.mp4
  3. Hello, since I upgraded to the new version of the game, I have been suffering disconnections when I activate a guardian friend. I already lost 300 trophies for this error Fix this as soon as possible, thanks. My device is Windows 10 lap top. IGN: Miguel Araujo
  4. Translated: We have good news for you. We just launched a new update of Royal Revolt 2. [Access to Facebook Store]
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