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  1. I'm using the trial version bandicam. Adjust the settings.
  2. I share my game videos. I'm seeing my lack of mistakes from criticism. I don't always have the chance to see my mistakes myself.
  3. 163/5000 These tactical festivals earn 2 trophies. Without reinforcement, you earn 2 cups without spending any jewelry. I'm using 2 attack spells when Phoebe isn't. Depends on the game.
  4. You're gonna use Pal Flute next to Celestial Phoebe. You're going to push behind. You're gonna kill him with the werewolves and the phoebe.
  5. Savage Tammy weakness drilling. Celestial Phoebe weakness drilling. He writes about the weakness aspects in the friendship section.
  6. Good game good tactic. I will improve the shield magic.
  7. I tried using 3 scrolls. It's over, but a few towers don't collapse. You can't win unless a tower is knocked down. very difficult to use without scroll. If the level is too high and you are strong, you may not use it. I needed a Mummy 5. It is necessary to use at first. The first part is fast. You lose time in the first part. They're very crowded. Scroll corners and towers are effective when they are crowded. You can use the scroll to finish if there is no time at the end.
  8. I used six scrolls of scroll. 69 gold is gone. I used Werewolf, cannon, Monk. All towers need to be demolished. If one remains, you lose. Go forward and use the Bladestorm and Sonic Blast magic. Monk getting heal in the back. I'm attacking the towers with Cannon. Werewolf fast attack.
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