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  1. pepper1212

    Celestial Plains: New Item Pro-shop

    I'm sure it looks and sounds nice I'm just of the mindset of using the 20,000 crystals on a pheobe and donating it to the alliance to be better than using it on something that is pure cosmetic
  2. pepper1212

    Celestial Plains: New Item Pro-shop

    20,000 pro-crystals for just the music is a bit much for me. thanks for the quick reply Have a happy new year!
  3. I noticed that there is a new item in the Pro-Shop, Celestial Plains, for 20,000 crystals!!!!! Anyone know if this is just a skin? or does it come with special abilities? I didn't see anything in the official announcements thread regarding this.
  4. I just opened up 6 chests from the festival. Upon opening them I received 3 Eternal Night wings. I kept the first. Sold the second immediately. Kept the third to melt down. When I opened up my inventory, this is what I saw: Same exact item, stats are identical, yet gems received from meltdown and sale price is different???????