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  1. Chloris axe is pro whammerhead
  2. Well sorry but i dont understand!!is it difficult or is it less profitable for some or they dont care or what?? Some things in the game that are based to "luck"& randomness like the schedule of events& like forging on items really play with the nerves of many of us,please reconsider
  3. First of all the first 2 changes seem sweet & thanx Flare for that..about the third, i can't understand why Flare find the easy?? solution.. the logic thing is 1st:find the cheaters & throw them away (so difficult??in Pro League too..) & 2nd : fix the trophies system,this thing screams that its not right,& its basically this that pushes players to replay dungeons for adding trophies..
  4. Forwarded but answered?? Im also exhausted with 60 forges on 3 zelos rings..based on possiblies i could get skull perk 3 times now.. Madlen u should put some logic in forging,this is a very bad joke to a lot of people..
  5. Mine was & is the patience to get here without a eurocent!!
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