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  1. This is off topic, but do you find Janus/portal useful? Now that I've got shield in my spell-set, and know that the timing of applying it matters, Phoebe isn't really a problem for me anymore (I broke 4000 trophies!). Now the struggle is keeping an army alive in defenses that are built around ranged "across-the-lane" attacks. I'm currently upgrading Firestorm, hoping it can reach across the lane and hit those towers, but am also playing with Janus, to build the army in a safer spot. So far I've found Janus to not be anywhere near as effective as using shield/scream/timing to keep the army alive. I guess you're experience is the opposite? Maybe I just need more practice. Oh, I've also found monks to be mostly useless at keeping the army alive. Am I off base on that? I do have it max-upgraded, and forged. Thanks!
  2. I'm at 106, and this particular player is at 102. I've used the same technique against players that the system has matched me against. I tried the same test w/ Tammy instead of Phoebe, and with the Sonic Blast instead of the Pal Flute. I was not able to generate as big an army. The result was a stalemate. My smaller number of frosters couldn't kill Phoebe, and Phoebe couldn't kill them, due to my constant re-cast of the shield spell. Time expired. I did the same test with my Arblasters, which are currently boosted as a result of a second place war finish, and Phoebe went down fast with no damage to my troops. I'll pay more attention to the player level I'm matched against (does 102 vs 106 matter?). I'm not sure healing comes into play, since shields are never depleted.
  3. I was able to do the same "Invulnerability" thing with unboosted Frosters. I didn't bother editing the video, so it's a bit long. Go to 1:20 on the Royal Revolt game clock (or 1:30 into the video). That's when I meet Phoebe and cast the shield spell. Only one froster takes any damage for six seconds. At six seconds everyone looses half their shield. At about eleven seconds I'm able to recast the shield spell. After a fourteen second battle, Phoebe dies. I do have the heal ring, but I never see anyone's health go down, except the one dead guy, so I'm not sure it's a factor. What's interesting is that after the second shield spell, everyone looses half that shield almost immediately. I don't think it's a range thing, because Phoebe never really moves, and neither do the frosters. When damage finally happens, even the guy in the back takes a hit. This isn't some weird fluke. I'm able to pull this off with pretty much any troop that I can keep alive long enough to meet Phoebe, and across multiple opponents. Obviously I normally don't use the froster. https://streamable.com/j6njf Note: Blue Phoebe is me. Ignore that one. Note2: I accidentally spawned one arblaster. There's no trickery. Same result with zero arblasters. Note3: The battle is about four seconds with Arblasters, Archers, or Canons, and is way more uneventful. Phoebe just dies.
  4. It's been lightly touched on, but no one has come out and said it. Shield seems to offer some sort of temporary invulnerability for a few seconds after it's cast, and that's why its effective against Phoebe. Am I wrong on this? I've been experimenting, and if I can keep my army alive to the point where I reach Phoebe, I just cast shield when she's in range, and the army kills her no problem. They suffer zero damage. It's not timing sensitive, and I'm not using boosted troops. I start with Arblasters, because I've got them forged for range and attack rate, and they best survive and destroy the attacking towers in the opposing lane (of the troops I have at my disposal anyway). Once I get a good army rolling, I start pumping out knights. They're speedy little guys, and catch up easily. When I get to Phoebe, I just cast shield, and stand back. No pushing, no split second timing. I have yet to see her survive more than a few seconds. As much as it pains me to say it, there's merit to what ARREBIMBA is preaching. The critical missing bit of info is that the shield spell is more than what's advertised in the brochure. It seems like "temporary invulnerability" would be worth touting in the spell description. I think the spell is more useful for that than the extra bit of shield it adds to my troops.
  5. OK, so ignoring the fact that those with issues dealing with Phoebe are just mentally deficient, and are playing the game wrong, does anyone have an aversion to Flare increasing the availability of Gasper? That seems to be the only ask at this point. That's been proposed by more than just me, and it solves the problem for the masses of morons (myself included). By the way, just empirically, I seem to have the same or higher trophy count than most others at my hero level, and I'm doing it in an alliance that doesn't even boost knights. I seem to be doing OK, despite my mental disadvantage.
  6. Flare has all but admitted that Phoebe was imabalanced with the introduction of Guardians. If Phoebe didn't exist, I doubt Guardians would either. Having experimented with Gasper for a day, I can tell you that, for me, it has completely mitigated the issue. The only thing Flare should do is make Gasper more prevalent. Everyone should be given Gasper within a month of playing. It was mentioned earlier that using guardians to kill Phoebe is like applying a band-aid to a gunshot wound. I contend the opposite. It's the most effective solution, and allows you to tailor the rest of your offense to your liking. I'm up almost 200 trophies in a day, purely on a handful of offensive raids. I may hit a wall later, but clearly my offensive combo is/was effective against my peers, with the exception of killing Celestial Phoebe. Now, not everyone has to raid with the same set of forged spells and boosted troops, and that feels like a good shift in the game to me.
  7. LOL. You stop it. I'm going to come right out and say it. You don't know what you're talking about it. You're out of touch with lower alliances. I'm just a blip in the this message thread consisting of OVER TWO HUNDRED posts. I guess we're all wrong. Anyway, I'm done. You're welcome to the last word, which seems to be what you're reaching for.
  8. Ha. It feels like we're going in circles here. Advice wasn't ignored. It was either tried and found not effective, or it was unattainable without leaving my alliance. If you go re-read this thread you'll see the same pattern. Players without alliance-boosted troops say Phoebe is hard, and players with boosted troops reply and say they're doing it wrong. It's true we're doing it wrong, but the advice given is only partially complete. You have to have boosted troops (or now a powerful guardian) to effectively deal with Phoebe. With all due respect, if you're sitting in a high alliance with a lot of boosts, your advice is out-of-touch with those asking for guidance. I still find one of the most interesting data points on this topic to be my experience in the last war season (and really the last few war seasons). In our war, there was ONE alliance with Celestial Phoebe. They won the war AND had the lowest skull count of all participating alliances. They didn't even have to try. None of the other alliances could deal with Celestial Phoebe. I guess all 160 of us were doing it wrong (just to note it, I was able to easily beat Phoebe when attacking lower-level kings. I think that effect is also a source for "Phoebe is easy" misinformation tossed around by high level players). I see the same pattern in conquest.
  9. So I got Jasper tonight. Jasper+Sonic Blast+Hammerstrike seems to insta-kill Phoebe. If you're like me, running without boosted troops, that seems to be a solid combo. Honestly, I'm skeptical of those who say I've been doing it wrong with the things I have. I don't think Phoebe, at my level (Hero 106, 3600 trophies... 3400 after yesterdays attempt to hone Phoebe-killing skills), is reliably killable w/o a strong guardian or alliance-boosted troops. You have to have one of those two things. Thanks again to AwesomestKnightest for accepting my friend request, so I could practice against Phoebe w/o consequence (I'm 100% success with Jasper). I'll shut up on this thread now, although I'm going to say it one more time: At my level and lower, the game revolves entirely around Phoebe. That feels broken to me.
  10. LOL. I raided those who are replying, to get a feel of where I sit in the mix. I hope no one minds. ARREBIMBA, you're so far ahead that I'm not sure your advice applies at my level. AwesomestKnightest, you're fairly comparable, and it looks like we were able to march through each others bases w/o too much trouble. I did abandon Phoebe alive when I raided, but was able to make it to the gate in plenty of time. I'll experiment more with shield. Mind if I "friend" you so I can practice against Phoebe without nuking my trophies?
  11. The advice is always the same. Use alliance boosted troops to attack. I don't have those. Here are some of my forge stats. Maybe they aren't heavily forged. It feels like they are to me. Arblaster: +23% attackrate, +18% range Archer: +300 Damage, +22% Range Cannon: +1235 Damage Hammerstrike: 82% Cooldown, +35% range Sonic Blast: +28% Range, 92% Cooldown Shield: 85% Cooldown, 324 Regeneration Pal Flute: +.9s Duration
  12. I used the shield spell for a long time. I've got it fully upgraded, cooldown at 85%, and regeneration at +324. It's just not useful. It doesn't add enough shield to keep troops alive during Phoebe's onslaught. I've also got the heal ring heavily forged. As for using all those boosted troops, those aren't available in my alliance. If I want to continue to play this game, I think I would need to do two things: 1) Leave the alliance that I've been in for a long time and join a higher ranking one. 2) Spend money on guardian chests until I get Jasper or Sultan. I'm really not interested in doing either of those things, so I'm stuck. With my current offensive combo, I can blow through most defenses, until I get to Phoebe.
  13. Meh. I think I'm out on this game. I dropped 250 trophies trying different strategies, with the things I have (all my units are maxed out and most are heavily forged). My spells are Pal Flute, Sonic Blast, and Hammerstrike. All are heavily forged. I'm guessing Flare is hoping I buy Sultan or Jasper. In my opinion, the game is broke. I'm not going to throw money at it. The best strategy I found was to start cranking out units that can survive/destroy the long range attack that most defenses employ (for me that's Pyromancer/Froster). Once the path is clear, start cranking out canons. There's a chance the hero, plus all spells, plus canons, plus guardian will be able to take out Phoebe, if she's shoved around just right. There's a greater chance she'll heal to 100% and kill your army. When that happens, there's a small chance you can take out her gate before she takes out yours. Oh, I do have the shield spell maxed out and heavily forged too. In my experience, it's not powerful enough to make much of a difference. You're better off with a better spell (Pal Flute + Phoebe is powerful, and adds healing).
  14. Just as yet another data point, in my war season there are six alliances participating. One has Celestial Phoebe. Guess which alliance has the most squares. Guess which alliance has the second to last number of skulls. Both are the same alliance. The one with Phoebe. They don't even have to try. They win with minimal effort by simply having Celestial Phoebe. None of the other alliances are able to contend with it.
  15. Just for the record, I still think some sort of adjustment is required. Here's what I observe (at 3600 trophies): 1) Everyone who has Celestial Phoebe available uses it. 2) Many defenses are difficult solely because of Phoebe. With any other beast, the defense is garbage. 3) Phoebe is the only beast that can defeat any army, unless the hero intervenes. 4) I find myself building offensive strategy entirely around dealing with Phoebe. 5) Beating Phoebe requires precision control not available on the devices on which many people play this game. 6) The game just isn't that fun with Celestial Phoebe present. Just my two cents.
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