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  1. My shield spell is max upgraded and heavily forged, and I've got Sultan at level 2. Neither are a magic bullet against Phoebe. My best strategy is to make a mad dash for the gate when I see Phoebe coming. Sometimes I can kill her quickly, other times I have no chance of winning. I suspect it has to do with Phoebe's level, which I don't think I can see.
  2. I've stopped raiding to work around the 'phoebe' dilemma. As far as I can tell, raiding isn't really an important part of the game anyway. Money comes from boosted taverns and extra chests. In conquest and wars there are always lower players to pick on, so Phoebe isn't an issue. Phoebe also isn't an issue in Ninja events, so I can earn max pearls and forge. After taverns are maxed out, the below formula seems to work well: 1) Watch commercials as often as you can stand it to earn gold 2) Boost defense 3) Repeat I guess experience doesn't go up as quickly w/o raiding. I'm not sure what that does for me anyway. All my items are at level 130. Is there any benefit to trying increasing my hero level (105)?
  3. Pow! Problem solved in a way more bizarre than any of us could've dreamed of!
  4. I'm not actually trying to solve that problem. I'm not actually trying to solve that problem. I'm not actually trying to solve that problem. The root problem is that Celestial Phoebe requires boosted offensive items to defeat. There are many players who don't have access to those boosts. It's not related to player level, or trophy level. It's completely bound to the alliance. The more I think about it, the more I think Phoebe should just be altered to be beatable without boosts, just like every other beast. I appreciate your reply and insight, but I think we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  5. The only weak players facing Phoebe would be in alliances that have Celestial Phoebe. Presumably those alliances have appropriate boosts to deal with Phoebe. I'm at around 3700 trophies but in a low alliance with minimal boosts. I don't think your solution would help me. The problem isn't really related to player or trophy level. The problem is related to access to boosts. The real solution is to fix Phoebe. No single thing should be so impactful to game play, but it's too late to do that, I suspect.
  6. I mentioned it before, but I think this is the easiest fix. It's simple, and there are no "losers" in the change. 1) Alliances w/o Celestial Phoebe are never matched against alliances w/ Celestial Phoebe in any wars/events. 2) Players w/o Celestial Phoebe are never matched against players w/ Celestial Phoebe in normal raids. No nerfing required. No complicated rules. Just tweaks to the matching algorithms. It could be generalized as this, too: 1) Alliances w/o pro beats are never matched against alliances w/ pro beasts in any wars/events. 2) Players w/o defensive pro beasts are never matched against players w/ defensive pro beasts in normal raids. Once your alliance has a pro beast, you are in a new class.
  7. In the current war season, the alliance I am in is pitted against alliances with Celestial Phoebe. It's not competitive, and many in my alliance aren't even bothering to play. Here's my fix for this issue: 1) Alliances w/o Celestial Phoebe are never matched against alliances w/ Celestial Phoebe in any events. 2) Players w/o Celestial Phoebe are never matched against players w/ Celestial Phoebe in normal raids. No nerfing required. Just tweaks to the matching algorithms.
  8. My alliance has none of those troops boosted (I do have all troops max upgraded, and many heavily forged). Without switching alliances, am I stuck? I'm generally able to beat non-phoebe defenses by baby sitting my power archers along the path, using heavily forged heal spell + heal aura. My alliance has canons and archers boosted. I'm not able to keep them alive to kill Phoebe consistently.
  9. Phoebe is overpowered for a huge set of players. There's strong empirical evidence to support that claim. Every player between 2000-4000 trophies either has Celestial Phoebe or is trying to get Celestial Phoebe for their defense. Every player between 2000-4000 trophies is explicitly building their offense around defeating Celestial Phoebe. Flare should just rename the game to "The Celestial Phoebe Show" because that's what it has become. I've beaten Phoebe quickly, as the videos show, but there's no way I can do it consistently. I don't know if it has to due with levels, or what, but most of the time, her health simply can't be brought down in time.
  10. Here's my problem. I'm at 3700 trophies and am in a level 44 alliance, with minimal boosts. For me, beating Phoebe is sketchy at best. I hit this problem at around 3300 trophies, but worked around it by not attacking anyone with Phoebe. Now, at 3700 trophies, everyone the game matches me against has Phoebe. My best strategy for increasing my trophy level is to not play, and let me defense do the work. Other than switch alliances, is there a way I can still participate in the offensive side of the game? Thanks!
  11. I'm up to 3700 trophies now, by mostly avoiding Celestial Phoebe. I don't care a whole lot about this topic anymore, but I do think the game is broke. There are some fairly garbagey defenses at this level that would sink like a rock with any other beast. I also think routinely defeating Phoebe is complicated by the controls on a smart phone, especially if you have to work her around a corner. If it were my game to design, I'd adjust it.
  12. I discovered that I can view the pal/beast of someone before attacking them (the icon is tiny on my phone). I'm back to using the games matching system for fights. I just skip everyone with Phoebe. I'm up 200 trophies in a day as a result. I still think Phoebe needs adjustment, but since I can choose not to attack Phoebe I'm good. Flare can adjust it or not. I don't care.
  13. I'm a ~3400 trophy Level 104 player, and I have a difficult time beating Phoebe when attacking players that the game suggests I attack. I follow the advice here, and push Phoebe into boosted canons and archers, but they usually die before Phoebe is killed. If I lose and drop trophies, my trophy count goes right back up when I'm offline and attacked. The game feels out of balance. For now I work around it by not using the "crossed swords" button to initiate battles. Instead I browse random alliances, and attack players with ~2800 trophies. I'm not sure that's the result Flare was going for, but that's what I do.