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  1. When we search for a team mate in conquest, it can be useful to have the name of the tile where they are (specially in the menu when we can see how many energy points they have)
  2. 1. By far the best idea ever. Because a defense with ice weakness and a beast with ice resistance would be a really good challenge and players will have to search another way to win. I noticed that Flare doesn't like unit with ice resistance neither....
  3. Beasts are weak so i don't see the point of the guardian (i know a lot won't agree but it's my opinion). Donkey best guardian by far. Trusty 2nd position
  4. You can do like everybody: join a mid level team with a phoebe lvl 1 and start practicing on your friend's base.
  5. Yes it's truth. Item goes to lvl 130, then it depends on the hero level. For exemple, an item lvl 130 from a level 110 player will be worst than an item 130 from a level 120 player
  6. For low/mid player the use of shield is mandatory. IMPORTANT: Use your shield when phoebe launch her AOE damage (the animation spell is different compare to the basic attack, so you can see it coming), you will loose zero unit. Moreover, you have to stack your units when phoebe is coming with battlecry (so when you use shield, it shield everyone). It's not impossible, you have to be used to it. GL warrior.
  7. Phoebe is not powerful. I feel that she's not powerful enough (for the time and the effort every clan use to lvl up the beast). Flare shouldn't nerf her but buff the other beast. You have to undestand that it's totally normal that a pro beast is better than a normal beast...
  8. I'm happy to see this kind of topic. Yes, it's very frustating when attacking become to easy. I think a reduction of hp bar of guardian can be a solution, so no one can just "run" through a defense.
  9. Up your barricade because 30k hp is nothing my friend...
  10. You are joking but this would be sooooogood ! Only good raids would be rewarded. I'm so into it man. May Flare see your sentence man
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