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  1. Is it written somewhere? Is possible to give him still the rewards? Its not fair that it depends if he comes online or not
  2. I asked and he did indeed not log in in between 🙄 but think this still not fair, he helped in CQ otherwise would have kicked him before cq was end
  3. I kick him after conquest, and hour after conquest, i already donated the palls
  4. I kicked a player after conquest was finished for more as an hour, but he didn't get rewards, this doesn't look right to me.Can you fix this? His ign: fallen angel, alliance Earth commander, i let him in again in hope it would help him to get his rewards
  5. Where is fun for being Soldier in this? Yes you can promote everyone, but thank they can accidentally build a tower, before only start a fight when it wasn't ment. I prefer the fighting. If you don't promote a lot, than even more work for not soldiers. Now they can't even stop intruders if not a promoted one is near to start a fight. It was already more boring for soldiers, this makes it worse if you ask me. Yes we want soldiers to follow instructions, but also have fun all and responsibility
  6. Answers: 1) The 1st Crusade 2) Geoffrey of Monmouth 3) Rhea 4) Cetus 5) theseus 6) Styx, Lethe, Archeron, phlegethon and Cocytus 7) serpent Hydra 😎 1185, former village of weedly in yorkshire 9) Roman numerals, Counting table and an abacus 10) Prince Electors of the holy Roman Empire Game: Royal Revolt 2 IGN: heidi269
  7. A lot of people seems to have connection problem!!! Really again??? It happens way to often, people even got used to it and don't even mention it anymore!!! This is really not good!!
  8. Hoped blacksmith, community week or stronghold event, but we get no event???? Sad
  9. Aukje9


    I want to thank flare for compensation we got for the crashes, i think it was a very nice compensation
  10. I gonne build with granny, finnaly some fun with her. Ign: heidi269
  11. There goes the gold for champions that can't do their raids, there goes the chests players could earn, there goes maybe first place in war, there goes pro score for ones that didn't finish yet
  12. Alliance name: Earth commander Alliance level:71 Alliance leaderboard:+/- 150 Requirements to join:donation 500+ hero lv90+ cups +/- 3000 permanent boosts:knights, archer, barricade, spikes, orge, cannon, wolf, monk Rules: donate daily, be active in wars en events, have fun We looking for active team players that want to be part of our team
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