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  1. Happy birthday RR2 馃帄馃帀馃巶馃帀馃帄
  2. we still do not have to strengthen hysteria why me and my alliance can not use the reinforcement for which we sacrificed our tickets @Madlen @Sasch
  3. My Ksi臋stwo Wilk贸w alliance won the 4th level of reinforcement, it was turned on and at the same time it expired. Repair it quickly.
  4. Yes, Madlen. I have just changed the language of communication for a friend's needs. I understand that English is obligatory on the forum.
  5. After downloading the update, I'm constantly kicking me out of the game.freezes the screen
  6. Good day. I and my alliance are struggling with the problem of the game. Frozen screen. We can not normally lead battles. Why are not you doing anything about it?You can not normally lead a conquest with this problem.
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