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  1. I would like to personally say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for finally adding in the advisor into the battles, with the new black smith's bird as well which I didn't expect. After all though, the advisor is on the cover of the game. You guys are awesome!!!
  3. That would be an awesome idea!!! It'll be interesting. Though Flare is probably not going to do it, they've probably got bigger stuff to do.
  4. So just wondering, will you guys ever be making some cartoons or comics for RR2, like not even serious ones but just a few here and there.
  5. Yeah, I got a TON of good stuff from this. Including my first new Omega chestplate.
  6. AmazingGabriel16

    No name?

    Do you guys just have a whole file on her with images of her and specific emotions or did you just make this?
  7. I'm not able to load an image link for some reason. The type is PNG and I've tested it with other PNGs and it works but not sure why it's not working. What I was trying to do was change the image below as my profile picture. There was no warning that it had a maximum size so I just decided to max it out with what I got. When I do upload it, it gives me 'HTTP 500 ERROR'. Is there anyway I can fix this? I just want my image ? *Sorry, I wasn't able to attach it as an upload, that failed as well despite being only 716kB. The dimensions are: 11933 x 11857. The image is here: *The dimensions are: 11933 x 11857
  8. I've had this question from day 1 of playing Royal Revolt 2. I'm a old Royal Revolt fan and know all the characters and stories, however this one has really bugged me. There is almost no story to her or real information. I know it's highly unlikely that she's the queen or a sister. Queen because of the way she talks to us. Sister because again of the way she talks and how the 1st game doesn't mention anyone else but the guy. Is she the head of the royal guard and so on. Does anybody have any info on her? Mods, Devs? It just seems so weird how she seems so insignificant as you basically don't know anything about her but then she's right next to the guy in the main photos. Any info and help on this is needed. I cannot stand to not know the whole story behind this, it's too interesting! Thanks, Gabriel
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