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  1. Yes, I thought initially the king would be healed in guardian mode and lost many fights ending in a tough spot. There are times when I forgot my king has low health and rush where I'm surrounded by troops and towers and the guardian goes poof leaving the king to die, that's where some of us feel a bit of natural health regeneration would benefit the king in escaping the tough spots. But agree with the decision it can make the king overpowered, so need to master the timing when the guardian exits.
  2. While guardian is active no health regeneration, or can be healed by monks or heal aura. Healing works with pals, tested with pals Bela and Tammy, both restore health while guardian active (haven't tested with Phoebe and Irmgard). Logically I think healing the king (not the guardian) by pals, heal aura, monks and natural health regeneration, should be effective while guardian is active.
  3. Same here no health regeneration by monks or heal aura while guardian is active, haven't tested it with other auras.
  4. Its the gloves, even heal aura is not working while guardian is active.
  5. Can we have an Uber Shop to buy uber items, been waiting for a long time for Dragon Eye belt, Caribou Parka armor and hammer strike items (also would like to know the new items added, as the wiki page is outdated). Thank you for Q&A sessions.
  6. Surviva

    What’s next?

    If you cant find gold, don't wait till you reach higher level, just have 7 or 8 of every tower half to max level (it would be easy/moderate to get that many gold for towers till level 9 or 10), so that when you reach high level you already have towers at half level to build upon, instead of starting from scratch. Its up to you to decide how you distribute your workforce, but don't keep them idle for too long or wait till you reach high level (I made that mistake, as I found finding gold tough while I was in levels 80-100). One method I used to get more gold is fight high level players just completing anywhere between 30 to 50% of the defense. High level players give more gold, so a player who gives 500,000 gold if I complete 50% of the defense I get about half and with 100% gold bonus I get 500,000 gold. So most times I could get from 200,000 to 500,000 gold per battle, but you have to search a lot for players. XP there is option to level up with gems but the amount is too pricey, fighting is the only other way. Good Luck.
  7. Surviva

    What’s next?

    I think you need to set goals, based on your goals you need to find out what to do and how to do it. I didn't level up farms when I was in the early stages, when I reached level 80 I felt that I need more food for wars (I usually had to fight as champ on three fiefdoms during some wars at the same time, that's like 45 battles over 23 hours) so I assigned two workers for farms and silo when not in war and invested in food perk (forging legendary items on cape and helmet and collecting farm gears from uber chests), When I reached 95 level, I thought of leveling up faster so I collected xp gear (120%) and gold gear (100% for upgrades) and used them to level up to 110. Once I reached 115, xp and gold gear are not needed for me so now I dont use gold or xp gear, but right now working on collecting medal gear, and spell gears. It takes time to collect the right set of items it takes a few festivals and many uber chests and or pro crystals for items. You have 9 workers, you could build a really strong defense with them. Spend pro crystals after you reach level 110 you get the max level (130) items. My suggestion is max all buildings within the castle gate (except may be taverns, do it later) and also farms. Once you maxed Wizard tower and Troops Academy, upgrade spells and troops to max while forging them, and also waves (takes a lot of time). Most importantly set a goal. Hope this helps. Happy new year.
  8. Surviva

    Wikia - New Maintenance team

    Good Work
  9. Surviva

    Inventory Guide

    You can check this page 5 stars means uber item (has three perks) 4 stars means legendary items (has two perks but you can forge a perk thrice to get the third perk) 3 stars epic items 2 stars rare items 1 star common item The numbers on ribbons are item levels which are based on the players levels, after a player reaches 110 level the player will get 130 level items.
  10. Surviva

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    IGN: Surviva Witness the magnificent display of power by the Royal Guardian Donkey while crashing the castle gate. Truly Magnificent.
  11. Surviva

    solved Unable to update new version

    Thank you for the response,and yes I'm on windows phone version 8.1, today I'm able to update and play, I think Microsoft fixed that bug. Thanks again for taking the time, I'll try to gift myself a device in the near future. Good Day.
  12. When I try to update the game I get this error code: 805a0193 IGN: Surviva Device: Lumia 525 Error code: 805a0193
  13. Surviva

    WIN PLACE or SHOW me how???

    Trophies matter during Ninja, Yeti and Zombie events. You wanna be in your range so you can get more pearls and chests. Other than that when you lose trophies the player you lost to will get the trophies that you lost. In War, the top/strong players from the opposite team give more skulls, I think its not based only on trophy level but its based on the defense strength + some other factors. Skull perk gives you more skulls per battle during war. Strategy, if your opponent defense is strong but doesn't have werewolf, stun spell can help you a lot especially in corners and turns where towers are crowded, or to avoid towers on the opposite lane killing your troops (stun and move troops to next location). I do consider these things player level + medals + trophies + defense layout, towers and troops + boosts, before attacking a player, studying the defense where the heal tower is located, if they have boosted bomb towers (they will never let you amass troops), another big problem is phoebe, deciding where to fight phoebe in the defense layout or how to avoid it etc Other strategies spells troops etc depends on the opponents defense layout, waves. For example one troop combination most players use is Wolf Ogre defense in wave 1&2, some ways to counter them is 1) use of blizzard spell to kill the wolf before it howls and use of archers or arblasters or sword rain to kill ogres, 2) is use of frosters (though they wont survive beyond half game for me) they are effective in stopping and killing wolf and slowing down troops and towers, frosters are good initial support troops, 3) use sword rain forged with 3+ sec stun, this kills the ogre and stuns the wolf if used before it howls, then you kill the wolf with your primary weapon or troops. Ogre boosted by werewolf howl can wreak havoc with its boosted attack rate and health in the mean time more waves join only complicating the existing problem. Once in a while its good to bite more than you can chew, I do attack someone so high level just to see how far I can go and to see how devastating the top players are.
  14. Surviva

    Search by Medals & Deselect Beast

    😃Yes searching by medals and also by gold would save a lot of time, we can spend more time fighting.
  15. Surviva

    RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

    1) What do mean eldrak that you have never seen a snowman? 2) I come from a very warm place, can you build me one? 3) Absolutely eldrak I will build you the best snowman. 4) Blacksmith you want to forge a crown? Granny you wanna buy a scarf? The king said Yes. 5) Thank you Fritz for helping me build, Fritz says my pleasure. 6) How is the Snowman Eldrak, Eldrak says WoooooooooooooooW he looks awesome. IGN: Surviva