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  1. This is actually a good idea: when many players stop playing the game, Flaregames could see they are doing something wrong. Only the free-market force can do the equilibrium, as in real world. Although still everybody couldn't be fully satisfied, it is the best solution usually. Still, voices in this forum are very small minority of all the players. @Madlen Would it be possible to publish here actual players count (repeating/daily/churn leaving/paying and how much average they buy) for last months? ? And how many of them are reccuring players of Conquest and for how many minutes a day? (just kidding, no hope someone from the Flare management would allow it ? but I could not resist suggesting the idea, because that would be the fair way to resolve this issue... respecting the bosses and the poor players.. and payers, too ?) Although I am a newbie here (lvl.80 ingame), I appologise to hardly working programmers and very active Content manager, but I suppose it could be the time to CALL FOR A STRIKE after this Halloween and new timing scheme coming to life. Who does not agree with intensifying the Conquest rotation scheme, could NOT PLAY THE CONQUEST MAP for, let's say 2 months. Or the whole game? Of course it is fair to give it a try and let's see after employing the new rotation scheme. Yeah, except it is not a fair war ? Your opinion "now I am spending" does not say anything about the others of your alliance - are they still 10-20 of them half-active or quit playing? I am not sure I fully understand you, but Ours are absent often at conquest map.. and now at the Alliance War map,too. We know this Gem fact and MHO, most of us know that Money/Gems was the reason for intensifying the Conquest rotation, despite promising opposite. But: Pay to Win kills every game because paying customers are a poor minority - and low player count with low variability kills every MMO/RPG game. And therefore developers (and managers) have to make decisions balancing the Gems advantage against the ordinary players who are not so lucky to spend so much time and money in the game. Free market decides ?
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