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  1. The mysterious ad chest seem to be working fine until daylight savings time. Sometimes it randomly pop out, but most of the time it doesn't pop up. It's really annoying especially when it come to competitive boss hunt. That extra gold do help a lot. Before I get 2 mysterious chest ad reset from Boss Hunt mode(one from starting and one 0:00 UTC server reset). Now I get nothing. I can't even get my daily mysterious ad chest from Adventure mode.
  2. You should score well even if there are cheaters. Even more considering your on floor 9700. If there are cheaters they will activate a bunch of milestones for a bunch of wild encounters and card activated. Adventure and boss hunts are completely different. They have different meta builds. Boss hunt is competitive mode. You need to farm efficient regardless of cheaters or not.
  3. The last rank require a lot of grinding. I average about 50 points per game I'm not even close to it. If they cheat, they will need an insane amount of gold to score a lot in short span due to lack of damage modifiers from cards. They probably spend more time upgrading their stats. You need to kill your enemies in a fast and efficient pace. You can do this by to using bunch of frenzy points and 5 star Arthur pet. Arthur is the best farming pet due splash damage and damage bonus stat. You can get a bunch of easy kills from wild encounters. Wild encounters are much easier than normal bosses. You start with 2 from starting floor and 2 more for each milestone, making it total of 20(last milestone don't count since it end the event). Sometimes you can get more if the game bugs out. Wild encounters are sort of dps check. It occur more often when you have high dps. If the enemy runs away, that means you need more dps. Arthur pet will inflate your dps with it's splash damage.
  4. I play a lot of Boss Hunt mode I never encounter any cheaters. All my boss hunt pets are 4 stars. I never see any player scoring 60+ points. Personally, I don't think it's a big deal for me. Boss Hunt is a team event. Everybody benefits when your team is doing well. Everybody gets the milestone rewards. It's only a big deal if you have a shot at scoring top 3. If you have a lot of pet points it's pretty easy to get top 3 unless you have multiple cheaters. Having a high gold booster is a huge competitive advantage. Most of time I hope I get cheaters or spenders to finish the event as fast as possible. That rarely happens. Most of the time matches get drag way too long due to lack of active players.
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