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  1. And where is a compensation for alliances who had fight with alliances with that blessings? Where is a additional torches for this allisnces? Or you foget that becouse of this blessings some alliances had win at fights in which they can never win without such a blessings . So make a new war and delete last results from last war or just add torches to such a teams which lost them becouse of this blessings, becouse of fault from developers. Be honest one time. What meen your words about compensation to such allianse? Write how much gems and how much torches they get.
  2. Which compensation will get alliances which had fight again alliances with such a blessings?
  3. Barin

    War blessings

    And what is about the teams which had lost tourchers and gems becouse of this problem? What about teams which had won last war becouse they had such a blessins from s hire ligas? Will you change this results?
  4. Lets look a situation which hsppened wery ofen last time. To alliances had meet at war and in this war is decided who from this alliances will go after the end of season to a god liga, but at this war between an equal alliances one of them have a blessings from a god liga already. And ofcousse this alliance had won, another had lost a lot of gems and all tourches. This is situation. So my question is- must devellopers do something in this case: may be add tourches or anuliren results of war of this alliances or make something else to ewual this situation snd make a war honest? Today it is happened with my alliance and tomorrow can happened with you team, lets think what can we do, how csn we change it. Your opinions is very important for all of us. We must stop this and make our wars to be honest. I also had write to support and wait of an answer. But lets tolk about thus........
  5. Madlen why here is no reaction from your side? Or you think this is a normal situation to lost a war becouse one of alliance have a blessings which they can not have in this liga. How do you plan to decide this situation?
  6. To fight against war blessings if your alliance do not have such is alwsys difficult. But to fight in semi god liga agains alliance with war blessings from god liga is absolutly impossible. Our team had work thete hard to recieve what we have now, that we are in the top of semi god liga. And what now? Only becouse of fault of developers and not honest fight from allianse vallhala we must lost evrything what we had reached? Not evrybody have gems to fight again this blessings from god liga, and even gems can not help in this situation. So i ask Madlen and all developers reacted to this and return to our alliance al that we lost:tourchers and gems. Or just deleate this war. I do not know what you decide but the war at such liga must be honest. We are fighting to go to god liga and please return evrything to a honest position. And allianse which play not honest must be kick out from a curent liga and war. Please do something, we all waiting a reaction of developers. Return evrything to a honest position.
  7. Look Madle this is halfgod liga and another alliance in a war map have still war blessings from God Liga. How must we do this war now? Please delete this war blessing from this alliance.
  8. Barin

    War blessings

    So many people had answered to this topic. But nobody from alliance Nai Duniya. People from Nai Duniya- leader, captans and seample members. Do you have eggs just to answer where had you get Titan Liga War Blessing after your alliance has been moved to a God Liga?
  9. Barin

    War blessings

    I hope in it too
  10. So after a last update i had understand that now alliances can not take a war blesdings to another liga if they was kick down to the smaller liga. And how can you explain that this alliance is not any more in Titan Liga but they still have a War blesdings from Liga of Titan. In my allance all blesdings from the season before are already finished and we get a new blessings and this us write. So why i must spend gems for atack players from this alliance if they have this cheat-blessings. I had understand that a new update was specialy to stop this. And i think if they still do this ....this alliance must be total delited from a next war seasons and then they will understand that evrybody must play honest. This punishment must be done!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. So you meen if i will do this forge i get less power of item that i had destroyed but after few forgings like this i will get a really strong apple with 4 perks?
  12. So the question is that as i understsnd i get two others perk also about 75000 or like this but it is much under the size of the item which i destroyed. So it better not to do this apple and just use item without an unique?
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