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  1. Sometimes (I have it not always, but some of my alliance members say they do; some do not have this bug at all) the animation at the end of a war in conquest which shows the total amount of skulls appears twice right after another. [Edit:] Forgot to say, I'm using an iPhone 8 with iOS 12 (but only till you buy me a new one 😉) Unfortunately you can't cancel those animations by tapping on the screen once, so it is annoying on a low level (what makes it worse is the pinning tactics some alliances make use of; when you only have seconds to escape, this bug will wipe out your last marginal chance of not staying on the same field for the rest of the conquest). IGN: rs könig
  2. rskoenig

    community manager answered Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    This is so annoying, I was just about to throw my phone against the wall. Since I also have this weird bug, that the animation after a won war runs two times, and the other alliance can preselect our field before jumping on it, we have no chance of escaping at all.
  3. rskoenig

    plz postpone the next war..

    I would suggest a 4-week Conquest->Ninja->War->Ninja cycle. Ninja event is the most relaxing event, lasts only 4 days instead of 5 (though you can be finished after less than 3) and it doesn't effect the whole alliance that much if some people don't want to do anything at all (bye bye def-ninjas, but people not fighting in war is surely worse).