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  1. Hi, we have 🥾'ed all slackers! Alpha Guard now consists of only members who consistently contribute during events and donate gold daily. We are seeking members (or alliances) who wants to be in an alliance where everyone participates and fights together.
  2. Hi, we booted some members and have some free spots to fill before upcoming Conquest.
  3. We will be accepting new members in 12 hours when the Conquest is over.
  4. Hi, we have done some pre Christmas cleaning in our Alliance, and we now have some free spots to fill. Do you want to be in an Alliance where all the members participate together in wars and conquests? If yes, then apply to become a member or ask one of our Generals to send you an invite. Become a member of AG and we help you to evolve as a teamplayer. Our requirements right now are: > 2500 thropies min 150k donations Stronghold buildings min lvl 3
  5. We're on a roll ? Twisted Archimedes just upgraded to lvl 6
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