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  1. Hi. It's happening 3rd time with me. First 3 days ago I donated someone just one insta and suddenly my game reconnect and I see that all my insta donation are on cooldown and the insta I donated was not actually donated. And again today I donated one insta to someone and he got max instas. When I restarted the game again all 5 donation wer on cooldown again. I'm sorry if I cant explain correct. Thanks to my poor english. IGN: Prince_Dastan android 6.0.
  2. Make my base like that so anyone who attacks me get a crash and I get trophies. Soon I will be on top 10. I have Yetis in my defense just so you know.
  3. If someone continuously raids me. he takes so much gold from me. And when I try to take revenge I end up giving him trophy instead of showing who's boss. Now he will think how bad I am at raids but I know he had 2 snake towers on the gate and I couldn't destriy even one with the help of my army. Thats not cool. Someone must not loose trophy because of gate towers. Even if you don't give me 1 trophy but don't take away my trophy. Poor little innocent trophy.
  4. I understand about participation fee. But what are you going to do with rewards in pro chest. Before It was like if you get more than 4 chests you will get better rewards as compared to those who get only 2 chests (like me). Will the player who gets 2 chests have same rewards and items in pro chest as the one getting 10 chests? If that happens I'll be very happy.
  5. Can you make the defense upgrades auto collect. Even if we are not online. Don't care about spells and troops but about defense it should be auto collect. Thank You!
  6. Other than it stucks in troops. The donkey is powerfull. It speeds up King and its morale. But one thing I don't understand Madlen. Why do we have to tap twice on donkey for its special ability(battlecry)? Who doesn't wanna have a battlecry for free and every time he calls guardian. It's just crazy that you have to tap twice. And once the duration ends the special power also ends I think. What if I forgot to double tap and just call the guardian and when its about to go back to tent after duration. I tap again. What will be use of its special power the. Just make it single tap with calling guardian and activating its special power at once on same time. Thank you!
  7. Something else I want to share about my second encounter with phoebe on reall raid. First its not just our troops that block donkey. But enemy cannons don't let him pass. And most of all I couldn't push Phoebe beast into my army untill the duration of 10 sec was over. Please block this new thing untill this is fixed. Or I better just not push the donkey button.
  8. Yes donkey is fine for solo raiding. But my Donkey King was stuck b/w my own archers. This is nonsense. I couldn't move when phoebe was beating the heck out of me and my units. Luckily it was my own base.
  9. Phoebe must be nerfed. Flaregames had this opportunity last time and they refused it because too many players "cried" it would be unfair then... All this hard work to get Phoebe and then it's getting weaker... But exactly this should happen. When they added the beasts some years ago the sense of them was to modify the defense in a way with different little supporting stats (like healing from Tammy or shields from Bucky beast)... But not Phoebe who can destroy 10 monks in 1 sec and let your hero stay alone
  10. Yes I like it but wouldn't vote because there are only two option. Am I right or am I right? Edit: I voted it anyways!
  11. I think this is not about replacing anything. They are just adding something to the gameplay. Like they said the're going to upload videos about gameplay. So like pals in raid. We are gonna have something else(Donkey) or anything with prince which is maybe going to help with its power or king rides on it. Just a guess. I wish we could use 2 pals at same time like Aska ans Kaisar. Desrtuctive.
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