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  1. PrinceDastan

    Tower missing

    Firestorm=gargoyle tower Hammerstrike=bomb and skull tower Heal=heal tower Toxic cloud=snake tower Swordrain=firebolt and arrow tower Where is shield tower?
  2. PrinceDastan

    Who really is the girl?

    Kings daughter, even though she seems older than king.?
  3. PrinceDastan

    Where is FTB?

    Before update 4.0 so much mess about buff the defence and after update same player ask for defense nerf. Same When he uploaded videos of pro league many player said he is cheater and his videos not usefull etc... Now someone saying where is FTB??? When I saw the post where someone was saying him a cheater that was the biggest shock I had. And now I'm missing him really. I hope someday he returns.
  4. That would definitely make Archimedes a better and more usable pal.
  5. PrinceDastan

    Restricting the beast viewing before the attack.

    That way you'd have to use gems to change the beast in slot. The reall point behind this idea is that beast preview should be disabled. Why? So we can have a little anxiety before beast is faced.
  6. PrinceDastan

    Restricting the beast viewing before the attack.

    You can put phoebe in slot to preview the beaset while raiding, According to the post the 2 beast that are most deadly or you think they are deadly you can preview only those two by putting those in slot A and slot B.
  7. PrinceDastan

    Restricting the beast viewing before the attack.

    Nice idea. I would put phoebe and fritiz in it.
  8. PrinceDastan

    community manager answered Trophies calculation ?

    Im interested
  9. Can it happen that the nerfed offense is not nerfed for dungeons. Because dungeons have become extremely hard after the update 4.0. I not 100% but still agree with the balances change. But for dungeons either buff the nerfed spell troops or just make the dungeos a little easier for players.