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  1. Valkrysseur

    Cancel current war

    I did not received any gems 😢 got few disconnection though but no 3rd hero bug :s
  2. Valkrysseur

    max prestige/domination - perks value at 131

    currently i have just calculated value increase by star added and color change for most of perks (values for forging combined with 1* items and 4* items), and i convert any item to a green1* item to be able to compare them. But i am also tracking the "best" base value for any perks so i can know if one item is with a perk value of my current ascension level or not. I heard that they will add the ascension level to any item so it will be no more necessary, but until then, i need to do this. However, I never know if an item is really a good one because it has my ascension level, or if that item is only good compared to all others trash ones 😛 => I am trying to figure out the best base value (green 1*) of any perks for any level so i can know more accuratly which items i should level up. @others: thx for domination and prestige max value
  3. Valkrysseur

    Refining a Unique

    thx a lot for feedback and values of perks reduction And you answered to one of my not asked question (about what was the max armor value :p) Regarding refining already refined uniques i think i will have time before facing such situation
  4. Valkrysseur

    Refining a Unique

    ok, i have done the excel sheet, thx for advice (now i need to get a rough idea about best value at given value for any perks, but it least now i can compare any item with another one at different level/number of stars) Regarding unique forging, is it true that: if i forge with a titan 5* bronze, i will only "update" my unique to my current ascension level if i forge with a titan 5* silver i update the unique to my current ascension level (+ few levels bonus), and it also add 1 perk picked from the titan 5* silver perks (the type of perk is selected, but the value of the perks is not relevant) ? if i forge with a titan 5* goldi update the unique to my current ascension level (+ several levels bonus), and it also add 2 perks picked from the titan 5* gold perks (the type of perk is selected, but the value of the perks is not relevant) ? Please correct this if i did not understood correctly
  5. Hello, Here are my 3 questions: 1/ Is there a max value for prestige and domination? or it can increases without any limit (and so it s a bad rewards when you get some in hall with chests compared to gems :p) ? 2/ I assume you guys (high level ones) know the max value for each perks at level 131 so you can craft the best item when you were stacked at lvl 131? Can you share max value (for exemple for green 1*) for every stat or at least : max hp (was it the same for all items? or body armor have highest value compared to shoes), leadership, elemental armor, armor (main) armor (perks), cooldown reduction, stun/petrify, LOH I am trying to do the same at my current level (but not accurate at all because i keep increasing my level ^^). It will be helpful to know if somes perks have same max value and so on... 3/ how many workers do you advice for a quite active player (i have 4 so far since lvl 70, and it is already the limiting factor, so i assume it will only get worst)
  6. Valkrysseur

    Refining a Unique

    yeah, i can do the reverse engineering with excel but well, the game is like 2 years old so i guess lot of people have already done the job and maybe already shared it (or can share it :p) "A rough rule of thumb is the non-LOH perks gain 5% on each 1* forge and 7* on each 4*, with an 18-20% boost on color change. LOh gets about 1/2 of that. " 7* to be replaced by 7% ? Thanks a lot . The color boost change is not always the same? It is between 18-20% because the value is rounded?
  7. Valkrysseur

    Refining a Unique

    1/ I am level 79, is it worth to keep all 5* titan items for forging titan items looted at level 130+? Or it is only usefull to keep 5* titan item with rare perks ? 2/ I read a lot about "value " of perks, but how do you calculate the value of a perk? (i don t know if a green item 400LOH will be better or not then a 700LOG yellow item => with perk value i can answer this question?)
  8. Valkrysseur

    Advice on mastery

    no true: my very first mastery was a demolition chance (only 0.82% but still a good one for a level 30 ^^) I guess that probability to get such mastery increase with level (and also the value), but it is not impossible to get rare mastery at very low level. One question regarding masteries: does it stack? I mean if i already have +2% attack speed and a new mastery is +3% attack speed... I will get 3% or 3+2=5% attack speed?
  9. Valkrysseur


    POLXBCOWZ I am a daily player. please don t add me if you don t play every day, or i will kick you fast...
  10. Valkrysseur

    Olympus Overlords

    Answer is pretty simple : i do not have enough gems for upgrade right now as i spend a lot for spells slot of heroes
  11. Valkrysseur

    Olympus Overlords

    I started the game 4 weeks ago. I play many time every day. But as i m still a new player, i am only level 64 (3600 trophies). Perseus level 17 for wars and several level 16 heroes. I know that due to my low level, i will not be able to deal much damage yet and so i will not get much battlechest and help the alliance. Regarding battlechest this is not a big issue for me because due to fast ascension progression, rare items are quickly overated by green ones. I think also that due to my low level ennemies will get VP from my defense, but not that much because i m very very low ^^ But at least, i will get 1.5k gems and so i will be able to upgrade severals last spell for heroes (2.5k gems hoard so far). And i think that in about a month, i will be high enough for your requirement to join you and be efficient, but if you recruit me now, i will have additionnal heroes spell so i will be stronger So, are you ok for recruiting me or i should try again later ^^ ?
  12. Valkrysseur


    cumaxepyu Active every single day.
  13. my code: IPRADSOSD but i m kinda stuck with a "open 2 titan chest" quest, screwing me. I have 4 chest waiting for completed quest :s No more alliance offer :s ? i m still in my bad alliance :s Level 40- 1741 trophies now.