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    Olympus Overlords

    I started the game 4 weeks ago. I play many time every day. But as i m still a new player, i am only level 64 (3600 trophies). Perseus level 17 for wars and several level 16 heroes. I know that due to my low level, i will not be able to deal much damage yet and so i will not get much battlechest and help the alliance. Regarding battlechest this is not a big issue for me because due to fast ascension progression, rare items are quickly overated by green ones. I think also that due to my low level ennemies will get VP from my defense, but not that much because i m very very low ^^ But at least, i will get 1.5k gems and so i will be able to upgrade severals last spell for heroes (2.5k gems hoard so far). And i think that in about a month, i will be high enough for your requirement to join you and be efficient, but if you recruit me now, i will have additionnal heroes spell so i will be stronger So, are you ok for recruiting me or i should try again later ^^ ?
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    cumaxepyu Active every single day.
  3. my code: IPRADSOSD but i m kinda stuck with a "open 2 titan chest" quest, screwing me. I have 4 chest waiting for completed quest :s No more alliance offer :s ? i m still in my bad alliance :s Level 40- 1741 trophies now.
  4. Hi, your alliance seems fine to me. Maybe you can invite me ? What is your level requirement?
  5. Hello, I started the game 1 week ago. I am ascension level 33, with 1600 trophies. I will not freeze my ascension level (i feel some players are doing this on that game). Looking for an alliance with good gold buff and benedictions. (already tried 2 alliance: first one too weak, second one with a bad leader using only one benediction... I just figured during last war how benedictions are powerfull :p) French/english fine for me. I am beginner, but a fast learner. Regards, Valkrysseur