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  1. In-game name: _SbabbiuS_ Hi, in my ally we had a problem that I'll explain. If you watch the video that I'm sending, you'll notice that: Min 00:15=we are 7 players in the war but the 7th disappeared(in fact he can't fight) Min 00:33= we can't see the numbers of trophies of the player "tower guard" (he doesn't exist in the other ally) Min 00:45= now "tower guard" belong to our ally, it seems that I fought against my ally... Min 1:26= there isn't the skull chest.. Can you explain me what happened?? 😱 P. S i have also the video in high resolution if you want.. And excuse me if my English is incorrect 😄😜 2018-11-23_18-43-42_com.flaregames.rrtournament.mp4
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