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  1. are some days that you write nothing more, what happened to you? You will not get tired of the game, right? It is very strange that you have disappeared into nothing ... Your advice was always good, I hope that you will soon return to us.
  2. Stop illegal blessing to "Red Squadron"! We would like to be treated all the same! Thank you
  3. @ Madlen Why was my post flagged as resolved? The problem has not been solved at all! My alliance is still without the blessings that are due to it in the league! Can you explain to me why we should play against other alliances with this handicap? 😭
  4. Even our alliance has the same problem! They made us go up in the league but they did not give us the blessings that are due to us to play on par with the other alliances! This is not right at all! Let's wait in a quick resolution of this annoying bug.
  5. @Madlen I would have a last question to submit them, because who has used the gems illegally will receive the gems while we have to play with a handicap? This does not seem right at all, it's not correct! it makes no sense what you are saying! an alliance when league salt MUST RECEIVE the blessings that are due to it! Otherwise what sense do the various leagues have? Add also that you have been to us to get on the league in mid-season, we have not decided! And now let us play this league with the handicap? Are we joking?
  6. @ Madlen Still no news for blessings? Many alliances are still without ..... and in the meantime we pay 😭
  7. It is since Friday that my alliance, without blessings, has dealt with the war in conditions of disability. I would like to know if and how much blessings will be restored. My alliance is Vittoria Alata. Thanks
  8. I'm sorry I had written in English, I do not know why it's written in Italian now the problem concerned the production of ambrosia of the islands without a hero, for a couple of days this was always at zero and the islands did not produce ambrosia. Only the islands with hero produced it. Now it seems to me that everything is back as before, even if the production of ambrosia seems to me to be very slow in the islands. If you want to check my account in the game is salbaneo!!! thank you
  9. Ciao da ieri ho un problema con la produzione di ambrosia. Le isole sulla mappa hanno smesso di produrre ambrosia e persino il tempio non la produce più. Solo le isole con l'eroe producono l'ambrosia. Il nome del mio account è salbaneo!!! Questo problema si verifica sui miei dispositivi Android, sia tablet che smartphone. Spero in una risoluzione del problema perché altrimenti è impossibile giocare.
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