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  1. In this pal collector event i didnt get any pal 🤣🤣though i gt skip some chest.
  2. Only4

    Pro League join deadline?

    Pro-league ends at 12 UTC on tuesday, so it should be 18 hours before the end of the event.
  3. Only4

    Pro League join deadline?

    yes, there is deadline.People can join until 18:00 UTC on Monday.
  4. Only4

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    With kaiser and sultan, all towers are small case!! And they look like father and son XDDD IGN: Only King4
  5. Only4

    Christmas skins

    This offer price is nice for me. First time see such low price
  6. I just opened, it has one pro in one chest. It is better, 3 chests with 2 pro item and 1 pro gem reward. Luckily i havent opened it
  7. I like the belt and ring!
  8. How about the ticket that ald bought? I just bought 5 tickets recently
  9. Only4

    Again Reward Tiers are not balanced

    @Madlenplease help
  10. Only4

    Skull Bonus On Uber Items!

    Diamond ring which has heal aura and skull perk
  11. I am curios with this ring too...maybe efficient to howl and werewolf??
  12. Free slot trick in dungeon still work? Now in crave of good XIX..
  13. Personally feel that Pro beast is not that good to use, ceres not bad , phoebe got high healing power but it only healing effect stay at the area only, so dont like to use it too. For me, I love Irmgard, it is always my choice i offence, high damage power and large range, also has a little bit healing power. I dont use fritz because it is always behind me, look like i protect it, no it protect me, kaiser range too small... So most like Irmgard