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  1. IGN: Only King4 1. Which international event was started by Pope Urban II’s sermon at Clermont in 1095? Crusade.2. Which 12th-century historian wrote the first detailed account of King Arthur? Geoffrey of Monmouth. 3. Of this group, who is a Titan? – Zeus, Rhea, Hades, Hercules, Gaea. Rhea.4. What was the name of the sea serpent that was supposed to devour Andromeda as an offering to save her parents' kingdom? Cetus.5. Who defeated Minotaur with bare hands? Theseus.6. What are the five underworld rivers? Styx, Lethe, Archeron, Phlegethon, and Cocytus. 7. If you cut off its head, two more grow back. Which animal does this describe? Hydra.8. When were windmills built in Europe first? 12th century. 9. In medieval Europe between 4th and 12th century which numeral system was used and which device was used to do calculations? system: Roman numeral system, device: abacus.10. Who selected the then Roman prince, Charles V? Maximilian I
  2. Actually, I think 4 out of 10 is many for me ald, almost half... and they are too obvious! Level 31 can enter top 10, unbelievable. Is flaregames check every week cup? Hopefully they do and do it well. I play PL every week and hope that I can be top 10 one day. But I definitely don’t wish that when I am in top 10 and the player above me is cheater. NO ONE LIKE CHEATER! if the situation carry on like this, ppl will bring this feeling towards the game.
  3. Yup, the pal collector is unlucky for me. But I really enjoy the guardian collector event, almost every chest got a guardian, I even found G-5000, the only guardian I dont have.
  4. It is sad for me, I have opened 25 pal chests (20 chests before event and 5 chests during event) I think, but there is no any pal 😫😫 except 1 pal from daily reward pal chest, which guarantee contains 1 pal
  5. In this pal collector event i didnt get any pal 🤣🤣though i gt skip some chest.
  6. Pro-league ends at 12 UTC on tuesday, so it should be 18 hours before the end of the event.
  7. yes, there is deadline.People can join until 18:00 UTC on Monday.
  8. With kaiser and sultan, all towers are small case!! And they look like father and son XDDD IGN: Only King4
  9. This offer price is nice for me. First time see such low price
  10. I just opened, it has one pro in one chest. It is better, 3 chests with 2 pro item and 1 pro gem reward. Luckily i havent opened it
  11. How about the ticket that ald bought? I just bought 5 tickets recently
  12. Diamond ring which has heal aura and skull perk
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