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  1. I'd gotten to 1550 trophies for that ninja tier, but they are hitting me for 200 trophies a day, I just don't have enough time to play to make that up. They aren't taking my gold, but being down at 1200-1300 trophies seems to give me nothing but low level bases in the matchmaker, so I also can't get gold now unless I raid my Favorites list.
  2. Me and my wife (same alliance, similar IGN) have been attacked 60 times each by the same alliance in the past 48 hrs. I don't think they are getting gold, as they attack me even when I have a gold shield up, and I think I've only lost a total of 200k in all those attacks. They seem to be dead set on just reducing my trophy count. Is there any way to counter this? I'm lvl 73, and they are all lvl 77-87, so they don't have much trouble with my base. It's not really that big of a deal, since they aren't taking any gold, but it means I'll be playing in a weak tier for the ninja event. We had attacked one of their members a few times because he was always worth 600k for us, and apparently they took exception to that.
  3. Yeah, I just don't find this game all that complex. It may not be obvious how to play optimally, but it's pretty obvious how to play. Most people quit F2P games shortly after they start them. I'm guessing your voucher friends are no exception. I'm in no rush to get to lvl 130 where everyone will be forged through the roof, etc. The one thing I would say about the "complexity" of this game is that it is very counterintuitive that leveling is actually bad for you. Very few RPG-style games give you a disadvantage for gaining levels, so it was very unexpected to see how much harder this game gets if you level too fast. My wife's account is only 2 levels behind me, because I wore an xp-gain item and she didn't, and her ability to gain gold is so much better than mine. This past week's double XP event and double XP war season have been horrible.
  4. I think it's better if it only applies to the chests found during the event, because it's not fun to feel like you need to save your pal chests until the event comes around. But I'd agree the drop rate across the board seems low. My wife is lvl 60 and still hasn't found a single Kaiser.
  5. Trusty is my favorite, but I have also stopped upgrading him due to the pearl cost (and kinda regret even my last upgrade).
  6. I don't think the game is too complex at all. I'm sure it's more complex than it was 2 years ago (and I may have a different definition of "too complex"), but the game guides you along as new features unlock. Forging spells/units/towers isn't really explained, but once you unlock it it's pretty obvious. There is a pretty continuous loop of progress as well. Every time a new war/conquest comes around, I'm able to take on higher level bases. I know it will take ages for me to get lvl 130 and have everything forged, but that's fine. The game does a reasonable job of pairing me against people/clans on my level.
  7. Entropy42

    Shortcomings in the War System

    I'm not sure of what the solution is, but the mechanic for getting personal rewards is frustrating. It's not within your control whether you get attacked enough to get that many skulls. We haven't lost a battle in this entire war, I've fought 4-5 fights every time, and I'm not even going to make it to an Uber chest for rewards because we were only attacked 1 time. Even the highest level players in our alliance barely cracked 20k skulls. Going up against an alliance with only 5 players who shielded all 5 players didn't help things, but I'm ~5000 skulls short of the Uber, so that wasn't the difference.
  8. It seems like a good mechanic for the lower/mid tier fights. There's an alliance in our war that has been getting beat up just because of where they started on the map, but they are doing slightly better with each round of fights.
  9. Entropy42

    How to achieve: Supreme Victory in Conquest

    Both this post: And the patch notes it links to state that you get a 50% bonus with 2 heroes fighting. I guess that was changed to 50/100/150% at some point. Your big description of conquest in this thread doesn't describe the skull bonus, but I see you've added a couple notes that it doesn't apply retroactively. On a different note, the initial math is your big conquest post still confusing. There's a note down below that says its 4+ 1( towerguard), but in the initial description the math doesn't make sense. In the passage I've quoted, there is no mention yet of this being a tower, so it looks like you are saying (3+1)*2250 = 11250. "For each Hero that is participating in a war, you need to score 2.250 skulls in order to achieve a supreme victory. Let’s say the Attacker has three Heroes and the Defender has one hero, then as soon as one of the parties scores 11.250 skulls they are rewarded with a ‘Supreme Victory’." Would be clearer as: "For each Hero that is participating in a war, you need to score 2.250 skulls in order to achieve a supreme victory. Let’s say the Attacker is attacking a tower using three Heroes, and the Defender has one hero plus a tower guard, then as soon as one of the parties scores 11.250 skulls they are rewarded with a ‘Supreme Victory’."
  10. I figure they just open up their alliance and new people join for boosts or gold or beasts, whatever. I can't prove they kicked them, but it seems extremely suspicious that all the players under 1400 trophies just mysteriously vanished at once, minutes after the war started. They now have 5 shielded, championed players. They have 34 fiefdoms, which would be hard to achieve unless they do this repeatedly, since they can't even fight in wars with only 5. It's still a BS strategy if they are alternate accounts, but I'd feel better about it if that were case. At least then they aren't screwing over random low level players. I just think you shouldn't be able to boot people during a war.
  11. In the war we are currently in, one of the teams kicked all of their sub-1400 players as soon as the war started. They now only have 5 players (2700-1500), a roster of 5/43. They were a roughly 1000 rank alliance at when this started, and immediately became 2400 rank. This should not be possible. We will still beat them, this isn't a complaint about that, but one of the other alliances does not have a player above 1500, so will just be totally screwed when they face them. More importantly, this is a terrible experience for all the (newer) players they kicked who now will have a hard time finding an alliance and then will not even be able to fight for 2 days once they find one. Allowing this sort of manipulation of the war system is awful. It should not be a valid "strategy" to ***** over a bunch of people like that.
  12. I'm researching my shield as fast as I can. :-) Nothing about the spell description would make me think it could nullify Kaiser or Phoebe's attacks, so I'm very interested to see it in action.
  13. I skip Phoebe bases because I don't want to lose a bunch of trophies getting stomped by a low level base that happens to have a disproportionately strong beast. I get that its not invincible, and people have given me a lot of good tips that I plan to try out, but it is such an outlier at low levels its crazy. There is no other beast at my level that I have to plan my spells/units/boosts around, and certainly nothing else where I would lose a fight to a player below my level. Maybe some day I'll find someone with a Phoebe that I can friend and practice against, but I'm not going to leave my alliance just to practice against it. The fact that these are the recommendations for dealing with the beast should indicate that it needs some sort of nerf. Q. How do I deal with a base using an Archimedes beast? A. Approach beast, cast spells, swing sword. Q. How do I fight Kaiser? A. This one is trickier. Approach beast, cast spells, swing sword, move away when Kaiser casts its spell and kill it from range. Q. How do I deal with a base using Phoebe? A. Phoebe is easy and not at all overpowered. All you have to do is leave your alliance, find one with lvl 1 Phoebe so you can practice against it, level archers, forge archers, activate archer boost, use shield, level shield, forge shield for heal, learn to time shield perfectly to not get one shot, don't lose much of your army before you meet Phoebe, don't fight it across lanes, don't fight it near towers or enemy units, push Phoebe while you fight so it doesn't instantly heal to full.
  14. Entropy42

    community manager answered Some Conquest Feedback

    Yes, I know conquest is relatively new to RR2, and I can see why people who picked up the game to just have a very casual play-on-my-schedule game would not like it. The amount of time I sink into RR2 goes up 10x during Conquest, and I already (after 2 conquests) can feel burnt out by the end. But I'm also probably the most "into it" of anyone in my alliance. Some people just log in, ask what they should fight, and log out, so it's not a huge time sink for them. I think the devs have done a decent job of making it cater to a wide range of player engagement levels. I think the key is to just find an alliance that has expectations that fit with what you want out of the game. We don't mandate that people play conquest at all, and so we won't ever be in a high tier, but that's ok. We dropped down a tier after this last conquest, but I'm sure we'll bump back up into Veteran Scouts after the next one. Are you positive that the skull bonus is retroactive? I had originally assumed it was, but after a little testing, I'm pretty certain it isn't (https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/45412-how-to-achieve-supreme-victory-in-conquest/?do=findComment&comment=241807). When someone new joins a war, the skulls to SV changes, but I've never seen the Skulls Claimed immediately change, which it should if it was retroactive. I should also add that I now see a reason for the skull bonus to start at 50%. It allows a single player to score skulls against a single opponent. If it started at 0%, in a 1v1 battle I could only fight someone once and then all remaining fights would do nothing. As it is, I can fight that player 3 times and score 150% skulls for my best fight and 50% skulls for each of my other fights. Personally, I think the energy system is far superior to food. It limits what you can do. Food is basically limitless since you can just use vouchers/gems. If a person is stuck in 2 wars at once, it makes sense that it would be difficult for them to fight all their fights (or maybe even just 6 of them if the energy costs are high). I see what you are saying about pinning, and mostly feel the same way. It's one of the ways our low level players can contribute, but it's also really lame when we have a 10v10 fight that ends at 4 am our time and no one can get off the tile because we're all asleep. It sounds like Flare has something planned to address that soon, so hopefully they will have better ideas than I do.
  15. Entropy42

    How to achieve: Supreme Victory in Conquest

    I'm going to answer my own question about skull bonus, since I've learned the answer now. First, the description here on the forums says the bonuses are 0/50/100%, but in game they are actually 50/100/150%, so you always have at least a 50% bonus. I thought this was totally pointless, but it allows a single player to score more skulls against a single opponent. If it started at 0%, in a 1v1 battle I could only fight someone once (for 3 crowns) and then all remaining fights would do nothing. As it is, I can fight that player 3 times and score 150% skulls for my best fight and 50% skulls for each of my other fights. The total skulls claimed doesn't change when a 2nd/3rd player enter the battle because it is not retroactive. Whatever bonus % is active when you fight is the bonus % you get. This means there is a little strategy in choosing to do your fights quickly to try to gain an advantage, or choosing to wait for reinforcements to get the most value out of your fights.