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  1. We are still looking for players!
  2. Sangrial

    Higher alliance level

    Accepted! Sorry for the delay... had to do my beauty sleep lmao
  3. Sangrial

    Higher alliance level

    Hey there Meliodas1! We are just lvl 13 but we could have you in. We are active and joining wars! If you're interested, apply to -Ouroboros- and let's have some fun! Cheers! PS: Hurry up, the war starts soon lol Sangrial, Founder of -Ouroboros-
  4. If it helps, my device is an HTC One M9
  5. Greetings everyone! We, -Ouroboros- are now looking for new ACTIVE members. We have 4 free spots and we are searching for brave, strong, and loyal new members! We are looking for players with a sense of progression and an aspiration for greatness, that will want to stick with us through good and bad times alike. We seek those who demand respect as they give back respect, those who will want to fight for their Alliance in times of need. Those who want to have a good time, joke, laugh, ask for opinions, seek advice, give advice and say the truth no matter how ugly or boring as hell it may be! We have a few rules... Simple rules... that are easy to follow. Respect the rules, respect your fellow Alliance members, and you shall be respected back! Our Rules: - MUST Join our Facebook Group: -Ouroboros- (A rule of ASTRONOMICAL importance! Communication is the key for a great and organised Alliance!); - Be active daily; - Donate daily; - Join Alliance Wars! Those are our simple rules. Respect those, and together, we can progress, climb the ladder of ranks and carve our path to glory! If you are reading this, then you have read all of the above, and we are grateful for that. If you wish to join us, it would be an honor to have you amongst our brave members. Reply to this post if you are interested, tell us your story, what kind of person you are, what you like, what you don't like and what you desire from our Alliance. If we can come to an agreement, we shall work together and rise! Cheers! ^ω^ Sangrial, Leader of -Ouroboros-
  6. Sangrial

    Which heroes do you prefer to take into war?

    Now THAT's a reply I was waiting for! Great post, NaN! Thank you for your shared information! Much appreciated! Great job on that war! I did just a bit over 17k VP lmao, but we are a young alliance and me a lvl 61 noob lol. But we won 4 wars in a row!
  7. Sangrial

    Alliance war unfair kick out low player

    I would rather lose a war than doing such a thing. I promote fair-play, I practice fair-play and I want everyone to practice it too! It's the only way a game can have a clean, competitive and fun gameplay experience, for everyone. I hate cheaters with a passion!
  8. Sangrial

    How are your wars going folks?

    Update: We won our Defense, now working on our 2nd Strike. The enemy did not yet make their 2nd move...
  9. Hello folks! How are your wars going? We won our first strike and we are about to win our first defense too (in 20 minutes, we have a good lead)
  10. Sangrial

    Another "what do you prefer" post :)

    That makes sense. thanks @dumpster
  11. On items, as form of Crow Control, what do you folks prefer? Stun or Petrify? And how are those different from each other?
  12. Sangrial

    Which heroes do you prefer to take into war?

    oh I'm still pretty early in the game still (just Ascension lvl 61). and my highest level of heroes is 16... so I will take Perseus (16) and Ajax (14 tho). I like playing those 2 so i won't get bored anytime soon... I do hate playing Helen... her power annoys me...
  13. Sangrial

    Which heroes do you prefer to take into war?

    Lolz, sounds like a legit reason hahaha
  14. Sangrial

    Which heroes do you prefer to take into war?

    Hmmm... I unlocked 3 of him so far, and upgraded them to the max of my Shrine of Power.... so I'm thinking of taking him to this war along Perseus
  15. Sangrial

    Which heroes do you prefer to take into war?

    Why not Ajax? He's a powerhouse! He will still protect the gate if you have him as the guardian, or am I wrong?