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  1. finally the war season ended and the prize we received was much less than expected. We won every war and even then they only gave us 1000 prize gems, a fiasco. And not only that, but some of my colleagues were raped and removed gems from their account. A real scam
  2. Entiendo, ahora lo veo más claro. Muchas gracias por la aclaración
  3. Lo siento, no se mucho de inglés y el traductor no hace un bien trabajo.
  4. Hi, my name in the game is .Curve. I am an officer in the Argentine Warriors Alliance and we are worried because the prize of our war never comes. It happened 2 times in a row and we did not receive the blessings of war or the gems. Many players are unmotivated because this is happening very often. It is a great pity.
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