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  1. @Sasch , in which case you have a mission. I was looking for it recently and could not find it. Thank you in advance and best regards.
  2. @Sasch Login via face works very well because today I checked. Not at all I can not go on the phone; /
  3. Everything beautifully nice, but you forgot about the most important one. He proposes to add a new function, namely Beer. How to greet, write and not drink with someone
  4. Study well, pour him. At this moment the game is bug on the Bug and players are always on the move as they say. It will be even worse until the boom.
  5. Siemka. Pisze do was z pytaniem a w sercu liczę na to, z mianowicie diała mix Revolt royal ma androida badz co kolwiek abym as pogral? Gory Dziekuje I Pozdrawiam. Podeslok ktos link do poradimka
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