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  1. Tiger Army 2017 Now level 30 Alliance and still growing and looking for new active members. 5 permanent Elite Boosts 24/7 and always a mix of war, conquest and pro boosts as well. Beasts available as follows Savage Tammy level 2 Twisted Archimedes level 3 Primal Howl level 3 Primal Growl level 3 Viscious Bucky level 3 Untamed Kaiser level 2 Celestial Phoebe level 1. Level 2 coming soon
  2. Tiger Army 2017 would be happy to welcome you. We have the following Elite boosts available on permanent basis 24/7 - Power Archer - Storm Cannon - Frost Trap - Stunning Ogre - Range Bomber and a mix of War, Conquest & Pro boosts We have level 1 Phoebe beast and are working hard towards level 2 Very active Alliance and have never failed to get full rewards in Conquest and win most war seasons
  3. Tiger Army 2017 would be happy to welcome you onto our team. We currently have the following Elite Boosts available 24/7 permanent: Power Archer, Frost Trap, Stunning Ogre, Range Bomber & Storm Cannon Also usually have a mix of boosts from War, Conquest & Pro We also offer level 1 Phoebe Beast and are working towards level 2. Currently in Veteran Scout level of Conquest and have never failed to get full rewards. Very active in War and Ninjas.
  4. I know that I, and many other players, live at the end of the world but 3:00 PM UTC is 2:00 AM in the morning here in Oz. Conquest was the one event that we could start (and finish) and get under way at a reasonable time unlike war and ninjas. This means that by the time we wake up Conquest will be effectively already over. EVERY team event will now start at a ridiculous time for our time zone. This is a global game and surely having one out of three events, starting at a reasonable time, is not too much to ask. Change the start time back to the original and let other time zones experience the same issues that we have currently.
  5. Stunning Ogre is now enabled on a permanent 24/7 basis also. We now require daily donation of minimum 50k and level 2 buildings in the SH So if you are looking for a team with great permanent boosts, Phoebe beast and a very successful record then what are you waiting for? Join now whilst there is still a spot available
  6. Join my Alliance and you will get a Phoebe beast which will stop their attacks immediately or else they will have to pay plenty of gems. They will lose interest very quickly when they see Phoebe is protecting you. Our Alliance is Tiger Army 2017 and we would be happy to have you join us (and your wife). We also offer 5 permanent Elite Boosts. Archer, Cannon, Bomb Tower, Frost Trap & Ogre. All we ask is that you are active in all team events.
  7. You don't seem to understand that War is a team event and that decisions are made in the best interests of the team not the selfish individual
  8. We are a level 29 Alliance looking for active members to join our team Alliance Name : Tiger Army 2017 We currently have Celestial Phoebe beast and our current beast boost is level 4 = 15% We run 4 permanent Elite Boosts: - Power Archer level 4 - Frost Trap level 2 - Range Bomber level 2 - Storm Cannon level 2 We normally have boosts from the most recent team event. Current are Surprise Mummy, Heavenly Haven, Twisted Trickster, Trioxin Tower. We need active players who will contribute to team events eg. War, Ninjas & Conquest. Players of any level are welcome as long as you remain active. Our Stronghold Headquarters are level 6 and we currently are at Veteran Scouts tier. We have never failed to get full rewards in Conquest and usually place 1st or 2nd. No invite is necessary as we are open to all. If you want to be in a supportive team, and willing to contribute, then come over and have a look whilst you can.
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