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  1. Join my Alliance and you will get a Phoebe beast which will stop their attacks immediately or else they will have to pay plenty of gems. They will lose interest very quickly when they see Phoebe is protecting you. Our Alliance is Tiger Army 2017 and we would be happy to have you join us (and your wife). We also offer 5 permanent Elite Boosts. Archer, Cannon, Bomb Tower, Frost Trap & Ogre. All we ask is that you are active in all team events.
  2. boykins58

    Veteran Scouts Alliance in Conquest

    You don't seem to understand that War is a team event and that decisions are made in the best interests of the team not the selfish individual
  3. We are a level 28 Alliance looking for active members to join our team Alliance Name : Tiger Army 2017 We currently have Celestial Phoebe beast and our current beast boost is level 4 = 15% We run 4 permanent Elite Boosts: - Power Archer level 4 - Frost Trap level 2 - Range Bomber level 2 - Storm Cannon level 1 We normally have boosts from the most recent team event. Current are Surprise Mummy, Heavenly Haven, Twisted Trickster, Trioxin Tower. We need active players who will contribute to team events eg. War, Ninjas & Conquest. Players of any level are welcome as long as you remain active. Our Stronghold Headquarters are level 6 and we currently are at Veteran Scouts tier. We have never failed to get full rewards in Conquest and usually place 1st or 2nd. No invite is necessary as we are open to all. If you want to be in a supportive team, and willing to contribute, then come over and have a look whilst you can.