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  1. At no point in Conquest should different Alliances ever work together. It completely destroys the event for the remaining Alliances. I would like to see them make it a lot harder for Alliances to work together. I think the first step in Conquest would be to block all friend requests of opposing alliances and restrict new players from joining Alliances during Conquest too.
  2. I think players would exploit it just to give teammates gold. But the concept is cool.
  3. So it sounds like I should call out Sick for the next week and empty my 401K for Gem purchases
  4. No one in my Alliance has played long enough to know what this is. What is community week?
  5. That would be really freaking cool. It would have to have a longer duration to make it more fun to use. Like 10 seconds. Massive Life Drain and anything it kills raises from the dead and joins your side. Also slows everything else down like Time Warp to make it feel like your hero is moving faster.
  6. Its Definitely NOT normal in Sports to have ALL players play in the same League. Would it be fair in Sports if Youth, High School, College and Professional Sports were all in the same League. My Solution to the Leagues would be to create MANY more tiers. Once you reach a tier you never go back down. You stay at that tier until you place high enough to move up. Every Player would have to work their way up through the tiers.
  7. Hopefully they add to these Tokens as time goes on. Maybe have different levels of each Token. How cool would a Skull Boost Token be?
  8. I am going to have to play around with this next conquest. My alliance always tries to use troops to our advantage, so maybe that is why I have never seen energy costs that high. We also practice never attacking towers alone, always with 3+ players.
  9. I think to help the problem with Trophy Manipulation every player should have a Statistics of their highest Trophies Reached. While some players will still try and keep their trophies low to manipulate this statistic, with the Ninja Event coming twice a month it is in everyone's best interest to push their trophies higher.
  10. How about instead of an Opt Out option. Maybe Conquest needs to be something that you have to Sign up for in advance. 72 hours before a Conquest starts Alliance Leaders can get a message to either participate or not. If they do not reply, they are not in.
  11. I am a little confused here. Why is it so much? Does the energy needed to do things change at higher tiers?
  12. Maybe Flare can give Alliances the option to Opt Out of Conquest then.
  13. While the idea of personal rewards sounds great and I definitely agree we need it... We also don't want everyone to just care about exploring the map for their own benefit and not helping fight wars. I would rather see rewards based on Wars players participated in.
  14. I think all of these Incentives should be added to Conquest Individual Rewards for total Skull count Individual Rewards for successful defense or attack of towers that your hero participated in I think either Dungeons and/or Boss Battles should be added to Conquest - Dungeons would just be a special tile that when you land on it you have access to a Dungeon similar to Pro League but with different rewards. There should be several of these on the map and they are only accessible if you own the tile. - Boss Battles would be a special tile that has only 1 Coarse that would be more difficult. Same thing as a Dungeon, your alliance would have to own the tile to have access to it. Everyone would get 1 Attempt at the Boss Battle. All Alliance members scores would be added up to unlock more rewards. Another idea that would really motivate players would be to have 1 Crystal Mine on the map in the dead center. Owning the Crystal Mine would give all members of the Alliance Pro Crystals. The amount of pro crystals the mine would produce would depend on the tier.
  15. I feel like the biggest problem with Conquest is everyone feels different about what they get out of it. Some players feel the work they put into it is worth the rewards and others feel like not doing anything and getting some rewards is the best approach. There is no individual incentives in Conquest and I think that is the biggest problem. Conquest needs to be loaded with opportunity for individual players and alliances to motivate them to invest their time.
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