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  1. SteelPoet

    Daily tournaments

    I do agree that this game really could benefit from a daily event that could be played solo or with alliance members. The current daily tournament is pointless to me besides the few gems it brings in each day. There is no statistics on how many times I have won each round, my total medals earned and on top of that, I reached the platinum round in the first few weeks of the game and haven't moved up since. In order for Flare to have any interest in investing their resources into a new event though they would have to see that new event generate a return on investment. That return would be players spending gems. If you remove the use of gems from the event then Flare won't make a profit from it. So as a compromise, maybe have it cost 100 gems to enter the tournament. How would matchmaking work? How many players would be placed in a bracket? The daily tournament would have to be designed so that everyone feels like they have a chance to win it.
  2. A teammate and myself were sharing our favorites list to help each other earn gold. We are close in level. I am 96 and a she is 101. Are trophies are always close, sometimes she is ahead of me sometimes I am head of her. Between 2100 - 2400 usually. However the most amount of gold she will get from opponents will be under 200k. The same opponent will pay out as much as 900K to me. There is obviously a formula that determines the amount of gold that a player is able to receive. I have seen in the forums players complain about gold raids only being around 100k, and how hard it is to upgrade 10mil plus towers at that pace, but I haven't seen anyone post anything resembling a better understanding of how the system works and what we can do as players to increase the amount of gold we receive during raids. I know the factors are not purely related to trophies or hero level. I am thinking it could also be effected by the gross rating of maybe your spells and troops too. Could a less skilled player fall into situation where there statistics say they should be at one level, but their ability is at lower level? Could that possibly be a factor? Currently my best solution to this has been the creation of a Gold Equipment set. At the moment I almost triple the amount of gold I receive from raids. That certainly helps a lot. But x3 of a 800K raid is a lot different then x3 of a 100K raid. Does anyone have any insight on how to manage your account to optimize the amount of gold you receive from raids?
  3. SteelPoet

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    If there was no supreme victory for the first 12 hours conquest would be extremely slow, boring and frustrating. Small players would be able to just hold big players down for 12 hours at a time and the large player wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Imagine if you and 10 of your alliance members just won an epic war, but 1 minute later a small player attacked you again and now your pinned there for 12 hours. And the losing team is now free to attack your towers and you cant defend. Supreme Victory is a little confusing at first, but once you learn how it works then you know when to use it to your advantage. For Conquest to be truly balanced then it can't be designed so that the biggest Alliance has the biggest advantage. It needs to be designed so that the most active and most skilled alliance wins. Small Alliances need to have a chance against Big Alliances, otherwise they wont want to play, and the current supreme victory conditions allow that.
  4. SteelPoet

    Supreme Victory should be reworked or removed

    When your Alliance learns how to use the Supreme Victory to your advantage you wont be complaining about it. Its a lot of fun when someone attacks our lvl 4 towers with 3000 plus troops inside it and we get SV with one battle. Without understanding how to use Supreme Victory you wont stand much of a chance against bigger alliances.
  5. I am not a big fan of the research tree as it is right now. It has become pretty repetitive and there is not much strategy to it because we can only afford so much. So every war, its pretty much the same thing. Having 3 different research trees would give us different strategies that we would have to think about in relation to our Alliance strategy during Conquest. This could also make Conquest even more uneven too. If 1 Alliance is clearly bigger then the other alliances they will most likely go on Offense and just enjoy attacking the entire time. So I think making multiple research trees would be a good idea, I think they also have to do a better job of matchmaking too.
  6. SteelPoet

    Test defense overview

    Maybe Flare could put a Flag Post or something on our Path so when we are setting it up we can see where each wave starts. I think this would make designing our defenses a lot easier.
  7. SteelPoet

    conquest individual chests for skull count

    I would like to see rewards for successfully defending a tower or conquering one. The degree of the reward should depend on the lvl of the tower and the total score of the battle. I think they should at least give us a total of all Skulls each player earned during conquest. It would be nice to see everyone's participation. I don't think there should be rewards for skulls on empty tiles. Players would fight on empty tiles non stop because there would be nothing to lose, but everything to gain. So everyone would just build as many towers as possible and never fight for them.
  8. New Event King of the Hill 4 Alliances Fight for control for the top of the Hill. Each Alliance will start on a Path that all meet in the middle and fight Player vrs Player for control of the Hill. No Troops, 24 Hour Event and Events can occur Daily. Alliances can Join Event for Gems or Alliance Gold as often as they like. Rewards given for How long you Control Hill. I think this event would create new strategies with our Equipment, promote teamwork to control the hill, test our skills as a player and would simply be A LOT OF FUN. You need to use food to enter the battle each time. If you are not currently fighting for the Hill and an opposing Alliance has a player on the Hill an Alert will pop up for you to Join. Better Player Profiles Better Player Profiles will give players more motivation to improve themselves while also showing their Alliance how much they really contribute. This will help greatly with recruiting too. Some Statistics for Player Profile Total Skulls Earned Lifetime Total Gold Donated Lifetime Total Pals Donated Lifetime Total Tiles Traveled in Conquest Lifetime Players Preferred Language Conquest Improvement Most Alliances in Conquest are more interested in their Conquest Score for Rewards then what place they are in Conquest. I think if rewards are implemented for the successful Attacking and or Defending of a Tower Alliances will be more aggressive towards each other. Rewards should only be given to those participating in each Battle. The Type of Reward will depend on Total Score of both Alliances. Destroying a tower should give Alliance Stone Last Idea - Mergers Formal Alliance Mergers 2nd Alliance Transfer percentage of all Pals Donated to 1st Alliance 2nd Alliance Transfer percentage of Alliance Levels to 1st Alliance Stronghold Levels will be converted to Alliance Gold 2nd Alliance Transfer All Alliance Gold to 1st Alliance 1st Alliance must have room for All Members of Both Alliances Only 1 Alliance Merger per year I think this will Benefit Small Alliances with only a few players. They will have the ability to take all their hard work on their Alliance and take it with them together to a new stronger Alliance.
  9. We are a very active alliance. We do pretty well in events too. We are looking for highly active players of any size. We mainly speak English but some speak different languages too. Communication and Participation is extremely important to us, so if you don't like that don't join us.