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  1. Bladerunner2063

    Pro pal stats

    Thanx a lot - just what I need ! πŸ‘
  2. Bladerunner2063

    Pro pal stats

    I have accumulated some crystals and are near the point where I can buy a pro pal. However the description of the pals are vague to say the least. I turned to the Wiki but here it just states that the values depend on Hero level which is true but tells me nothing. I would like to see the stats of the Pro pals as detailed as the stats for the pals I already have. If not the stats relating to my present level then at least the stats for say a level 100 king. That way I could compare the pals strengths. thanx
  3. Bladerunner2063

    Vidio rewards often not given

    My screen rotation is on if that means what I think it means. Playing on iPad Air 1 with latest iOS applied. I have noticed that the blank white screen almost always appears right before the final screen where you can close the video. But sometimes I get β€˜stuck’ on that white screen and the only option is to force quit the app. Thanx for the feedback πŸ‘
  4. About 20-30% of the time videos end up in a blank white screen where all I can do is force restart the app. When this happens I loose the reward, faster completion or what ever is at steak. Very annoying indeed !
  5. Bladerunner2063

    solved Can't collect my pro tickets

    It works now thanx. I would have answered earlier but apparently I am only allowed one post a day!? πŸ˜•
  6. Bladerunner2063

    solved Can't collect my pro tickets

    Same problem here, I guess I will not be able to play in Pro events :/ Please let me have some feedback on this issue. Playing on Ipad Air, iOS 12