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  1. The new Vungle ad for Slots Era won't close. Can't get upgrades. Have to exit out of game to continue. Windows, USA. I know "U have nothing to do with Vungle", but tell them to disconnect the ad, show others that work.
  2. Have 2 Alliance members (US Ausie Alliance) that have experienced trouble with the Upgrade Token won in the Festival. They choose the token, but aren't given an option which upgrade to use it on. Then 1 member used another one, gave him same item to use it on, but didn't take time off. Used on Windows, Australia (for now). It took 1 day off of their longest running upgrade, but did not give them the option to choose. When 2nd token was used, nothing happened. no time was taken off.
  3. Mine and another alliance member also stopped over 48 hrs ago.
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