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    our alliance is open for more players join us

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  1. Question: how hard is it to get tokens in the Chamber of Fortune? is it as rare as getting gems or rare as getting 3 chests without spending gems? iv only seen one time where gold token appeared but only managed to get one chest correct
  2. come join us for ninja and upcoming conquest. 2-3 open slots
  3. Looking for more members. We managed to get 1st place and Heavenly Haven boost for recent conquest.
  4. join us for upcoming Ninja. we have one or two open slots.
  5. for the next community week we should start with the boost your defense event. that way we can get the max wave upgrade time to one day and level up 5-7 waves during the event.
  6. info from the rr2 fandom wiki "offer package" page
  7. GOLDEN PACKAGE: dont need UNIT PACKAGE: dont need SPELL PACKAGE: dont need WARRIOR PACKAGE: 750 gems 3rd Spell Slot 3rd Unit Slot +5 Hero Level +1/2 Silo Level or Max. Silo Level Fill Silo WORKER PACKAGE: dont need CONSTRUCTOR PACKAGE: already have max of everything they offer STARTER PACKAGE: it says i need real money but there is a picture that someone got, that can buy it with gems +1 Worker 3rd Unit Slot 3rd Spell Slot 500 +3 days Gold Shield Free Random Landscape is there a hero level/throne room cut-off when they will stop package offers (that u can buy with gems not real money)
  8. i have no monies. offers are a no-no.
  9. hello guys i was just wondering if there was a event with reduced gem cost for the 3rd unit/spell slot if so when was the last time this event took place i still need my 3rd spell/unit thanks
  10. join us for upcoming war. we have one or two open spots
  11. Looking for more members. We managed to get 1st place and Heavenly Haven boost for recent conquest.
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