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  1. I had over 5 hours time left in boost. So couldn't be because of that..
  2. Saitta

    RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

    I would go not one but with 2 fellows from the game. Those would be Froster with his almighty dragon and a cute little fellow fritz. All of those creatures have their own business in making of that evil Santa's watch eye called a snowman. Dragon is that crazy maker of the snowman, fritz makes details to it and Froster keeps sure that, there is enough of that annoying thing called a "snow".. After this I give you (yes you who is reading this reply) a free opinion to continue this story in your own head, just use your imagination and make cool end to this.. Sincerely, Saitta (also IGN) from the game..
  3. 179 * 4 = 688s 688/60= 11.47mins.. but in reality it is over 25min.. IGN Saitta
  4. I think my biggest archievement is getting years ago in to top 3-10 team in the world.. game has changed but, we managed it.. also worth of saying winning diamond league +15 times (stopped counting) in a row was a pretty awesome archievement..
  5. I have cooldown in ads.. top 300 player.. did not have week ago problems
  6. I lost ninjas due last server maintenance.. new boosts working now fine..
  7. Saitta

    did Problem conquest mode

    We didnt get boosts.. some got chests
  8. Saitta

    display error

    So low/high trophies different to your base
  9. Saitta

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    Ign Saitta game RR2 1. Russia, USA and Brazil (in that order) 2. Player Geoff Hurst, England vs West Germany at World Cup 1966 3. Indonesia in a France World Cup 4. Egypt against Uruguay 5. Pakistan 6. OFC - Oceania Football Confederation 7. England and Netherland 8. Brasil and Germany 9. World Cup 2014 - Brasil ( 14 Goals) 10. Normay - 8 Goals =1938 (2) ,1994 (1) & 1998 (5)
  10. I've made topic about this bug like a few years ago.. then shield did not come on troops either.. they fixed it halfway and that's it..
  11. Saitta

    Next war season?

    Will next war season be again pyro or do it change to frost?
  12. Saitta

    Diamond league

    About DMD leagues (or all others) do not count dungeon win in the leagues.
  13. Saitta

    About the Forum Trivia

    Hmm.. everybody knows everything about basketball.. no way.. it's like Nascar vs formula 1 or American football/soccer or winter games vs summer games.. I have no clue for Nascar or summer games.. American football what is that. How about floorball everyone have to know all of that right? I'd don't.. if the post makes knows everything about basketball or was is wolleyball.. let's talk wrc rallying or ice hockey instead. That's more known all around the world.
  14. Saitta

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    Answers for trivia: 1st. Skeleton 2nd. Southampton 3rd. No of players, the Ball and Surface 4th. Knight (was that horse known as knight in English) 5th. Freestyle swimming, Pistol shooting, Cross country running, Equestrian show jumps and Freestyle swimming 6th. Malaysia 7th.New South Wales 8th. Steffi Graf 9th London, Mumbai 10th South Korea and Japan at 2002 IGN Saitta in RR2
  15. Saitta


    Haven't done any.. ?