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  1. You're right, I didn't explain myself right. What I meant was that the developers (or community managers) don't reply on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or even on here, their own website. I think that to grow a community you need to talk to players that are active on your games. Not just to listen to complaints, but maybe even more important: show them what's coming and what they are working on. I love the game though, but at the moment I have completely done everything there is to do. It would be great if I knew if there were additional dungeons coming, maybe some new features we can get excited about... Right now I'm not even sure anything will be added. A bit more clarity would be great, that's all
  2. So sad to see that every channel regarding this game is completely dead. People report bugs, give tips, voice complaints, praise the game and nobody ever gets a reply. Such a shame, this game needs a strong community to grow and they are neglecting that part of game development so far. Hope this changes!
  3. I love Nonstop Knight 2 at the moment and I think the game as a LOT of potential to be a big hit, but at the moment, it's too light on content. No problem, it's still in Soft-launch so they might add more before the last release (as they did yesterday with the crafting update), but I have thought about some ideas that make this game even more addictive, and that make the experience interesting for much longer. Below are a few ideas I thought of that I think can improve this game greatly. I would love to know what you guys think and what ideas you have about this. GENERAL Daily/Weekly challenges. Give us a bunch of different goals we can complete every day/week. Kill XXX amount of mobs, gather XXX coins, empower XXX items, sell XXX items, use XXX keys, open XXX daily chests etc. When the content of the game expands, so can the amount of different challenges. This gives players a reason to keep playing longer and more often. Achievements. Every game almost has them and I think Nonstop Knight 2 is perfect as well for this. Give us set bonusses when completing achievements, like reach stage XXX, gather XXX equipments, when we complete set collections etc. Again: another reason to keep playing, because we have more to achieve! Chat options. We have a Guild Chat which is nice, but I think the game could do with a General Chat, and maybe also a Recruitment Chat to make the game more social (maybe optionally give people to turn this off if they want to experience this game more like an offline game). Challenge Tower. A lot of games feature these and I think they are a great way of giving people more ways to play. Let us complete a challenge tower once every day. The higher we get (floors/stages) the better the prize is that we get at the end of the road. Maybe also include daily competitions that feature the best players of the day/week/month/season etc. Statistics screen. We are slaughtering beasts with thousands at a time, but I would like to know how many I've killed in total, how much damage I have done, how many skills I have used etc. Maybe also give us the option to share stats to our guild chat to show others what we've accomplished. Reroll item perks. We get a lot of cool items but some items might not be perfect for our build. Ofcourse we can farm for the exact same item again, but why not let us roll (for example) one perk to randomly be another one (for some sort of credit). Would make every item you receive much more valuable. Experience for helping others. We can invite other people to play with us in certain dungeons and they are very helpful. The people you invite however get nothing for this. It would be fun if the players you invite get a tiny coin bonus or some sort of appreciation for helping another player out. Friends list. We play with loads of people that have no idea we are. Why not let us invite these players, give them a daily coin bonus for example or give us the opportunity to give all our friends a daily extra key they can use to progress. Again: increases the social experience tremendously. PVP? (probably wishful thinking) GUILD OPTIONS Guild missions. Give us missions to complete as a guild, so that we have a common goal we are all pushing towards. Gives us a much bigger reason to be in a guild, especially when there are some rewards to be obtained. Guild raids. Weekly raids where our Knight needs to beat an extremely powerful foe that cannot be killed on your own, so the whole guild needs to work together. Guild Ranking. In extension to this, the level of the boss you kill as a guild could also be the guild level, so you can show off your progress as a guild. A leaderboard could make the chase to be the #1 guild very exciting. Guild gift option. Give us the option to request talent or skill cards to the rest of the guild that they maybe don't like to use, or give everyone the option to request a total of 5 cards a day so that they can obtain these cards in a different way. Could also be done with gold, equipment even. Guild daily/weekly challenges. Speaks for itself, gives us even more reason to come back and play with our guildies. Extra guild options. Give guild leaders more options. Not only graphically, but also in terms of minimum level for joining, country, language etc. Guild playtype. The possibility to add a playtype to your guild. For example: FUN, CASUAL and HARDCORE. Guild statistcs. Give us insight in the statistics of our guild. What does everyone accomplish? What floor are they on? How much power do we have as a guild in total? Guild battles. Might be wishful thinking (again), but guild battles could be pretty sick. More insight in your guild members. Level, power, floor they are at, when they were last active. Important information to make sure the guild stays active and I think we should be able to see that from the guild screen without clicking through every single guild member. EXTRA CONTENT Extra worlds and floors (ofcourse) Maybe an extra ascendence level to increase highest possible guild score More different gear sets (especially legendary, since there are only a few that are very heavily tailored to one specific playstyle) More different types of equipment (rings, belts, necklaces, etc). There are all the things I thought about so far, if only half of this would be implemented I think this game could be massive. What do you guys think? Do you think some ideas are good or do you have some of it? Really interested to know what you guys think. That leaves me to my final comment: everyone, join THE AVENGERS in Nonstop Knight 2. Thanks for reading!
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