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  1. The top alliances tend to use a high level or max Wolf.
  2. PiP69

    War Boost Nerfs Palladin Stone Dragon,? 

    They may have done something so that the dragon energy grew didn't grow OP. And like normal they went too far.
  3. Some perspective: I’m a general in a top (20) Alliance. [side note, people really should put a # when they use the word ‘top’] We managed our gold reserve intelligently, saved gold when we could by turning off some boosts between war, but going all out when the situation warranted it. This let us have a healy savings for this update so we had enough savings to get the Headquarters and other buildings all to level 8. About the balance changes, some of it I felt like they made individual changes without really looking at how everything would interact. I am a fan of when things get into a rut and there seems to be only 1 way to win, then change needs to me made. Now onto the meat of the post: Conquest I’ll give the tldr first: I like Conquest, please keep it, just make improvements. Mostly I’ve give suggestions so this should be the only criticism; the lack of information before the game started is what has resulted in the amount of complaints. A basic video showing what to click to do what would have reduced the stress from trying to explain things across language barriers. Showing how effective claimed tiles on the movement cool down would been a real help. Issues/Bugs: We have level 8 buildings, while not max, for the gold we spent they should allows to do everything in Conquest. Examples: Research upgrade Speed (Watchtower) costs 50,000 wisdom. Guess what a level 8 University hold? 49,776. A level 3 tower costs 30,000 stone, want to guess how much a level 8 Depot hold? 29866. One of the posts about Conquest said that even if you get last place you’ll have a chance to earn a boost. This is just not possible. At top Tier you need a score of 200 to get the extra boost. The Alliance in 1st has control of the center and has 200 with 3 days to go. We will get to 200 with about 2 days to go, but that's because we moving into a neighbors library. The last place Alliance has no where to build towers, if they’re lucky they might be able to get a score of 50. The Alliance in 3rd probably just won’t have room to get a score of 200. Update: 16hr until end. 1st with 319 score (center control) 2nd (us) 251 score (3 special tiles) 3rd with 172 score (unknown) 4th with 32 (could not stand against us) In no particular order: CoF, replace the skulls with Alliance gold rewards. This would allow an Alliance to go full out raiding and not worry about trying to win. They could use this opportunity to fill their Alliance gold reserve. Attack with no chance of winning, but open those CoF chests and get your Alliance some more gold. PvE, something for those who can only play the game once a day for a few hours and adds a useful aspect. These would be a special tile and treated like a dungeon. There would be a type for each resource, with the % of the attack you complete giving you extra resources (allow this to go over max). There would be a max amount you can earn per attack (costs 200 energy? CD?) and max before the tile is depleted. Change Tower guards. Mabey, 1/ day swap a Guard with an unassigned king. Communication; lots has been said and many methods to improve this. I just recommend that you get some kind of quick/simple fix for the next Conquest, while you work on a better system overall. Customize permissions; not just for Conquest, but let the leader set who can do what for each general. Maybe this 1 can activate boosts, these 2 can build towers, 1 for declare war, etc At the troop assignment in stronghold, show who is online Add button to the stronghold from the map screen; this brings up a list of every member of Alliance with the following stats: Tile # (click this to jump to that location) # of troops, if in a battle, online status, move CD, energy Add button to the stronghold from the map screen; this brings up all the tower and shows; build CD status, troop CD, # troops, able to transfer troops, click to jump to tower Add button to the stronghold from the map screen; show all battles in progress, click to jump, as much info as possible When you click the heroes info from a tile, also show move CD & energy. Be able to build all towers, I’d consider having all Stronghold at level 8, “good” and should be able to do everything. We should not need max. At top level play we should be able to spam towers and completely fill our corner of the map (by the end of the 7 days), with strategic attacks deciding who wins. At lower levels it would be more required to plan ahead and get what you need. Make battle gold rewards like in regular War. Troop transfer options: max, +25 / click Indicator that tower has less than max troops when the transfer CD is finished Combat The skulls needed for a supreme victory reduce by the second, so show this as a timer. People see 23 hours left for the battle and think they can come back later. When go to move into a combat, you are shown a preview of the combat stats and a chance to cancel. Better explanation of how the combat mechanics work. With the previous maybe use a green/yellow/red to give an estimate of the results. The supreme victory needs some adjustment. It resets move CD so if they are spread out you can chain attack. Set a minimum time, so even if its 10vs1 and 50,000 skulls to 2,000 there would be a time before the supreme victory kicks in. Have the time the it needs adjusted for nearby allies. Ie if 10 attack 1, that would usually be a quick win, but if there are allies within 3 tiles of the defender, then the minimum time would be higher. Also have the time adjusted for claimed tiles & towers. 1 lone king in enemy territory should be able to be killed quicker then 1 king in a tower with allies nearby. Some kind of group movement Research All research should be affordable, but increase the time to research it. In the 7 (playable) days you should have time to learn about half of them. Add an option to speed up learning a research by using more wisdom. Make the speed up decrease 30 minutes with a max of half the original time. Movement If level 1 towers could be built faster (6 hours?) and a little bit cheaper, then the reduced CD for claimed tiles would be seen a lot sooner Trailblazing; every time an a king pass through a tile the CD is reduced for members of that Alliance. This maxes out when it is the same CD as a claimed tile and does not stack with claimed tiles This is cleared if any enemy claims that tile. Outpost; available to every king, spend X energy and the tile they are on has reduced CD until it is claimed. This could be Alliance specific or all. Group movement. Automatic movement; if tiles are all visible with no fog allow you to set distant location witch you automatically move when the CD from a 3 tile move is finished. This works while you are offline. Allow generals to see who is on auto and be able to cancel it. Reduce move CD overall by a lot, but increase the energy costs for rough terrain to balance.
  4. PiP69

    About the new manager!!

    An idea to help with some of the anger people have; give a quick post every day about what some of the thing you hear the Devs talking. Doesn't have to be details or secrets, just general concepts. IE: "We've talked about Conquest move changes today. We haven't decided anything yet, we looking at the merits of 2 different ways to go about it"
  5. PiP69

    Conquest Mode = Failmode.

    Unless they change the schedule there won't be enough time for them to make a lot of changes and push it. They haven't even had much time to talk out it yet nevermind decide on what to do. Assuming they can change values with a server maintenance, then just making level 1 towers fast and cheap would go a long way for improvement.
  6. You're wrong, you have to look at the # of troops, not the # of players. Also defending on desert puts you at a 30% disadvantage.
  7. PiP69

    Energy cost to attack?

    It's the troop ratio that is the problem. It's not 1 vs 9 Its: 350 vs 2113 but Wait! you also attacked them on forest so its really more like: 301 vs 3648 So you are effectively outnumbered 10:1 And people wonder why the fights end so quick. They need 2961 skulls for a supreme victory, and if no one did any more attacks, the 9 defenders would auto win about 50 minutes after that screen shot.
  8. If any Alliance can get 50 people to move in unison, then they deserve to win. Hell in that case they should just get an automatic +200 tiles, and call it game over. The implementation and documentation for Conquest is/was horrible. But people keep reminding me of the info-commercials where they try to sell some product by showing someone do an activity in the complete worst way possible. cycle leadership so when some aren't available then those that do have time are paying attention. And if you are worried about dying because everyone is asleep, then that mean you should be able to get the 50 people attacking the single enemy.
  9. Not quite true. If you have the best base in you Alliance and get attacked by 3 from the bottom of the enemy Alliance, there might not be anything they can do to to win.
  10. PiP69

    Reward of conquest war.

    you're lucky, my tier needs 150 score to get the gem chest, & 200 to get the boost. And it looks like the only one that can get the 200 score will be the one that controls the center.
  11. What gems are you talking about? You don't spend any during Conquest, except during fights like normal. if you are out of Alliance gold because someone built a tower, then you have issues with generals doing stuff that they don't understand. That's the same as a general activating a boost or champion, except that the gold cost during Conquest is a lot lower.
  12. If you need better communication in game get a general to post an announcement. Yes the implementation of this was horrible. They are aware of it and are working on it but nothing with change for this conquest. A lot of the complaints are coming across as "change is bad". Reminds me of when Ninja came out and people spent Month complaining about "how dare you expect us to destroy Every structure, this is terrible. Fix it now"
  13. sigh, plan ahead, don't go to bed/work when you are alone on a tile communicate (yes this is very hard within the game) relax die, re-spawn, repeat. It'll happen learn what works and what doesn't you don't always have to score skulls to help, just moving and bringing troops into a battle is a big help.
  14. Headquarters Troop Stone University Builder 3 4,857,750 1,233,869 1,233,869 1,233,869 1,850,803 3 4 22,634,800 6,428,283 6,428,283 6,428,283 9,642,425 4 5 128,400,000 23,046,816 23,046,816 23,046,816 34,570,224 6k 12k 18k 5 6 321,000,000 44,080,160 44,080,160 44,080,160 66,120,240 300 9.9k 19k 31k 6 7 386,155,008 144,421,968 144,421,968 144,421,968 216,632,960 350 12.6k 24.5k 40.7k 7 8 808,000,000 326,432,000 326,432,000 326,432,000 489,648,000 400 14.8k 8 9 1,084,999,936 450 9 don't know if there is anything after 9,