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  1. PiP69

    Conquest = deals

    There is nothing wrong with negotiation. If you want more fights, then give us a reason to fight. destroying a tower gives your alliance 10-30% of the gold that was used to build it. destroying a tower give you +# to your score (1/3/6/10) based on tower level if at end of Conquest your score has dropped below a reward level, then that reward is 1/2.
  2. PiP69

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    Energy is good for the fights. It help slow down over running.
  3. Very well presented. All of this would turn the whole of Conquest around. A1 would be one of the best features. Instead of trying to leave messages in chat or give orders to 10+ players, just give a single order to squad Alpha.
  4. Top tier. Not that we've done this, just offering a suggestion to counter being pinned all the time. If you're whole alliance is outclassed, then this or much of anything will help you do much. edit: If you lose 1 tower and take out 2 of their towers, you still come out on top.
  5. If you never make a group of over 5 then you can't be pinned. Don't bother saving a tower. If they have a group of 30 then you can pin them. If they take your tower with a big group, take 2+ of their towers with groups of 5.
  6. How is this more time? ie: Find out who can be on at 7pm every day, then they can move/attack together.
  7. PiP69

    conquest too long.....

    In the map previous to this one, the ranking positions were either negotiated or decide it wan't worth the effort to get 1st. Some were a no fight builder race. This map we took 1st, and the 2nd/3rd place were jockeying for position.
  8. If you know pinning is such a problem, then why do you make such big groups? Make squads of 3-5 that are on at the same time
  9. *yes I know its in the wrong area, but I just wanted a bit more feedback. No this is not a loser bonus for Skulls, since that is pretty much universally hated. Competitive: Your builders are angry that others have more tower so they work faster to build. This is based on how many towers you have vs the total on the map. Salvage: When one of your towers is destroyed, your builders bring back some of the stone/gold that was used to build it This is based on how many towers you have vs the total on the map. Impatient: Your king recovers energy faster, moves costs less and has less move cool down. This is based on how tiles you have claimed vs the total claimed on the map. Vengeance: Family members of slain troops join your cause for free. When defeated you get bonus troops. This is based on how tiles you have claimed vs the total claimed on the map. Lesson Learned: When defeated extra wisdom is gained. This is based on how tiles you have claimed vs the total claimed on the map. The loser bonus might start at 15% and scale as the % goes down. If all were in place that might either be too much of a bonus or each are too weak to be worth it. One way could be that the Leader picks 1-2 from the list and that's the bonus they use for that Conquest.
  10. On the other hand if you did add a cool down, the winning team could just steam roll over then enemy.
  11. It was already posted about this, please read comments before saying something that's not true.
  12. PiP69

    Energy costs in 5-days Conquest

    While you are correct, this thread was talking about the move costs
  13. PiP69

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    We are getting a Guardian chest every (hopefully) 8 hours. We don't know if the ones from conquest are the same or better types. Also right now an alliance can stay at a lower tier and just dominate the opponents, hopefully this will encourage some alliances to move up that had avoided it.
  14. PiP69

    No royal guardian chest for low tiers

    So why not get stronger and move up a tier?
  15. Really? This has only affected about 1% of the alliances. The costs are still the same, so this is still a Pay to Win feature. With the starting wisdom and expected wisdom donated I'm expecting to be able to get 5 techs, there is a library, but I doubt will would be able give a whole tech by the end of the conquest. If the wisdom costs were at least 1/2 the current values then we'd have a tiny bit of choice, but right now the whole tree is still useless for all the alliances that don't want to Pay to Win. We have 29 possible tech, your ~60% max is about 17 of them, and almost all Alliances will only get 5 max, so that's only 17%. Still disappointing, that the research has been a fail from the beginning. So many other aspects have been improved.